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Company Name WorldWide Brands
Product Range16 Million+
One-time Payment
Certified Products
Certified Suppliers

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If you’re reading this review, it means you’re serious about making it with e-commerce. This industry has been a source of steady side income for thousands of people across the globe. And they have one thing in common – they’ve resorted to supplier directories like WorldWide Brands.

Established at the turn of the century, the directory is the largest one to date. And one with the most clients, customers, and partners. It’s helped thousands of people enrich their online stores and launch with trending and quality products.

Make a difference between Dropshipping and Wholesale?

This where things get critical. If you’re interested in WorldWide Brands, then you want to deal with one or the other. But it’s important to get them apart, as there is a striking difference.

  • Wholesale with WorldWide Brands – it involves the bulk purchase of goods from wholesalers and keeping them in your own storage, in order to retail them. The advantage is that you can get bulk discounts and thus get higher price margins. Which equals bigger profits.
  • Dropshipping with WorldWide Brands – you are not going to purchase anything. Just contact the supplier and establish a business relationship upon listing their products on your website. Shipping and handling will be taken care off on part of the supplier, cutting the related costs for you, limiting risks of piling inventories.

If you’re clear about that and your goals, you will be able to determine if WorldWide Brands is good for you. But one thing is for certain – with e-commerce you need a product-sourcing tool to avoid problems with products, mishaps with suppliers, and to spare yourself a lot of guessing and time. And WorldWide Brands is one of the top choices for a partner.

What is WorldWide Brands?

This is the go-to wholesale directory for store owners looking for suppliers. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to drop ship goods or are looking for wholesalers.


Check out more than 16 million products!

Two things are true about WorldWide Brands – it is of high quality but it might come as expensive. But finding suppliers with this directory is one of the safest experiences you might have. Its dropshippers list is constantly updated, adding more and more suppliers in every product category you might think of.

There is only one question left to ask. Is WorldWide Brands worth the money, and that’s what we want to explore in this review.

Is WorldWide Brands Legit?

The directory is in business since 1999, making it probably the longest running service for discovering trending products and reliable suppliers. It has built itself a reputation that it’s managed to live up to.

Time and again, the directory has proven itself a reliable and safe partner. It is a legit company with authentic services. Given its history, it is unreasonable to worry about its legitimacy or wonder is WorldWide Brands good.

What Others are Saying about WorldWide Brands?

The main point people divide on is whether the directory is too expensive or reasonably priced. But in general, the resources and experience they gain from using the directory are next to perfect.

What these people have in common is their satisfaction with the huge choice they have at their hands. All of it – a certified for quality opportunity. Along with that, the constant and careful customer support they provide significantly increases the value of being part of WorldWide Brands.

We, as entrepreneurs ourselves, think that this is the place where e-commerce goals are reached. No matter how niche your store is, it is guaranteed you will be able to find products to dropship. Simply because of how huge the directory is.

Does WorldWide Brands Really Work & How?

As a client of the product-sourcing platform, you get the chance to browse for all the products you need through the comprehensive directory. The database is strictly monitored and carefully updated on a regular basis.


Get a free preview of WorldWide Brands

You can browse products and vendors through various filters until you find the ones that fit your e-commerce goals. You can choose from various supplier types, depending on what you’re aiming for.

There isn’t really a thing like a WorldWide Brands free access or a trial version, but you can request a free preview of the directory to get a taste of what you’re paying for.

When you find a supplier that interests you, you can extract company information, contact information, available products, and a way to contact them to establish a business relationship. After that, you just add the product to your store and things get going. It truly is that simple.

Who is WorldWide Brands for?

The product-sourcing directory is for those of you determined to grow in the e-commerce business or retail. As the high price grants you lifetime access to the list of suppliers and products, you need to have a long-term plan.

If you’re simply testing the waters of e-commerce and dropshipping, then maybe this solution isn’t for you. But if you already have an experience and you’re looking for a way to grow your business rapidly and exponentially, you should definitely consider using the comprehensive and extensive directory of WorldWide Brands and its dropshippers resources.

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With it, you will gain access to valuable insights and market research that will help you continue developing a career in e-commerce.

Is WorldWide Brands Safe to Use?

It is completely safe to use the directory, if you think this is what you need. You can:

  • request a free demo to get a taste of the capabilities;
  • ask for a refund within 60 days if you’re unhappy.

These two options have been provided for your own benefit, to make sure you’re making a confident and reasonable decision when purchasing the WorldWide Brands membership access.

Can I Make Money With WorldWide Brands?

If you’ve decided this directory is the place for you, have no doubt – you can use it to your advantage. But only if you make the best out of your lifetime access.

Don’t waste time, immediately join the exclusive community, look for insights, gain valuable feedback and know-how from the people sharing their stories inside it. Address the customer support with all of your questions, don’t shy to ask for help, that’s what they are for. Look for discounts and products at wholesale prices.

worldwide brands how to profit

Discover top-trending & certified products!

Research your products and suppliers carefully. You have 60 days to decide if you want a refund, but in the general case – you have all the time in the world to choose the best way to go about this.

Once you’ve completed your selection simply take a bit of a break, as returns start coming from your newly launched store. To make the best out of WorldWide Brands, open your own store. If you go on marketplaces like eBay, you will have smaller profit margins.

How Fast Can I start Selling with WorldWide Brands?

There is no waiting time whatsoever. You start selling the moment you’ve selected your suppliers and products. Simply set up an account with the supplier and orders can start being processed.

Keep in mind that WorldWide Brands does not list dropshippers and wholesale suppliers that will ask for a fee upon establishing your business relationship. If a wholesaler suddenly asks you for such, alert the directory so that it goes under review.

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WorldWide Brands Product List

The directory gives you direct access to more than 16 million certified products. SIXTEEN Million. A huge number that spans through every major category from pet supplies to even vehicles and hardware.

It is out of the question for you not to be able to find the products you need for your niche, no matter how broad or narrow it is. Position yourself wherever you like and discover the best in that category.


Find wholesale suppliers for your niche!

How Much Does WorldWide Brands Cost?

Whether the price of becoming a member of the directory is a deal-breaker, depends on your ambitions in e-commerce, your goals, and your needs. Evaluate those first.

Because the cost of the lifetime membership is between $299 and $319. This depends on the payment plan you choose:

  • Get a discount – make a one-time payment of $299.
  • Pay with a plan – pay in 3 installments. The 1st payment is immediate and amounts to $99. It gives you direct access immediately. The 2nd payment occurs 30 days after joining and amounts to $110. The 3rd payment occurs 60 days after purchase and is also $110.

worldwide brands cost

Select your payment plan and start immediately!

The payment plan is an option for those of you who are not sure whether they will stick with their membership. The best part is:

  • there are no hidden fees;
  • there are no additional charges;
  • both plans give you immediate access to the directory.

Can I get a WorldWide Brands refund?

Yes, if you feel like this directory is not for you, and you want for a more budget-oriented directory and a product-sourcing tool, just ask for a refund before 60 days have passed.

Your account will get canceled immediately, you will lose access to the directory and the certified suppliers and products. And you’ll get your money back.

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How to Get the Best Out of WorldWide Brands?

The way to get the best out of your WorldWide Brands membership access is to use all of their features. Explore, experiment. Make use of their extensive FAQ section. Grab some of the free eBooks and tutorials to polish your merchant skills.

Remember, you are paying a pretty sum to gain access to the directory. So do not settle for the very first or basic results you get. There are tons of resources you can use to your advantage with this directory, and you should do it.

WorldWide Brands Support & Resources

You can contact the support service of the directory at any given moment. They are genuinely helpful and respond quickly, so there won’t be any hick-ups with your usage of the directory.

You can also use their Help Center, which is huge and covers all important topics related to dropshipping, wholesale, suppliers, and anything in between, really. You will even discover additional knowledge.

worldwide brands help center

Browse the extensive help center for an edge!

Pros & Cons of WorldWide Brands


✔ Millions of certified products;

✔ Strict certification process;

✔ No additional fees;

✔ No hidden charges;

✔ Iron-clad Money-Back guarantee;

✔ Reliable customer support;

✔ Extensive training center;

✔ Extensive help center.


✗ Steep price;

✗ No integration capabilities.

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WorldWide Brands Alternatives

We understand that the price you have to pay to access the directory is significant. If you’re not ready to invest so much, despite the money-back guarantee and the fact that products are certified, we are certain you can find a cheaper solution in some of our other recommendations.

1. SaleHoo

Variety and integration in one place is what you get with the SaleHoo product-sourcing solution. It is a top choice of e-commerce store owners around the globe.

salehoo affiliate

Cost: $67 per year

Why is SaleHoo a Good Alternative?

It also offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. It is true that it doesn’t offer as many products as WorldWide Brands. But it gives you the ability to integrate them to your store and automate most of your merchant operations.

To learn more about its capabilities and advantages, simply read our SaleHoo review here!

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2. Spocket

Don’t want to bother with long shipping times, delays, and quality problems? Spocket has made a directory of products and suppliers located in the US and the EU.


Cost: FREE basic plan

Why is Spocket a Good Alternative?

Its list of suppliers is carefully curated to encompass wholesale suppliers and dropshippers located closer to your clients. This can greatly improve your clients’ satisfaction.

In addition, you can find products with discounts and realize bigger margins for more significant returns. If you’re looking to start small and carefully, this is your go-to product-sourcing solution.

Learn all about its additional features and capabilities in our Spocket review here!

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3. Dropified

If you care more about functionality than a huge variety of products, we suggest partnering with the Dropified app. It can be integrated into multiple platforms, so you’re not limited with selecting your preferred store-builder.

dropified access

Cost: Starting from $39, with 14-Day FREE Trial

Why is Dropified a Good Alternative?

With it, you gain access to a database with various suppliers, including US-based ones. You can still cut down on shipping times while ensuring there is enough variety for your store.

It comes with a unified Dashboard that allows you to manage all of the e-commerce processes. But there are also some great automation functionalities which should not be underestimated.

To learn more about them, read our detailed Dropified review here!

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WorldWide Brands: Conclusion

If what you value most when it comes to your dropshipping partners and suppliers is safety, reliability, and quality, WorldWide Brands is the directory for you.

Although it does not provide direct integration and operates just as an extensive directory, not a middleman, it gives you a significant advantage. The steep price is justified by the fact that they vet and certify all of the listed suppliers. They undergo a strict process of evaluation and no scammers, dangerous or unfair supplier will ever get listed.

If you’re looking to grow big and choose some amazing vendors, we think you should consider WorldWide Brands as your dropshipping partner.


Company Name WorldWide Brands
Product Range16 Million+
One-time Payment
Certified Products
Certified Suppliers

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