What Shopify Themes Should You Use For Your Store?


Aesthetics are important aspects of any e-commerce store. A beautifully designed website with good layout plays a central role in your store to showcase your products to your customers.

For this reason, putting things in their right perspective when creating your store should be treated as very valuable when setting up your store.

Many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify make things very easy for beginners to quickly set up their e-commerce store with the best themes in their collection.

Themes define the appearance of your store and addressed by what people see on your store. Choose it right. Everyone loves it when things appear beautiful and attractive. These features are vital.

As you go along this article, you’ll discover how important choosing the right theme for your store is actually is to your e-commerce success.

Ready to launch your store on Shopify? Not just yet. Take a run through what themes will give your business that professional touch.

What are the Shopify Templates?

Themes are the solid foundation on which your e-commerce store rests. Plus, they contribute to your conversion rate. Once you’ve figured out what to sell online, it is time you found a way to display your products the best way possible.

Shopify templates or themes are ready-built website designs you can install on your store. Having these themes makes things easier and faster. Unlike the traditional store designs, you don’t need to build anything from scratch. All you need is to install and later tweak to meet your design needs.

The first impression often lasts long. People define you based on what they see on your store. Are you careful about the look and take time to set things in good order? What buyers see when they land on your store for the first time goes a long way to determine whether they’ll stay or just click away immediately?

The appeal comes from the theme you have installed. So, you don’t want to just pick any theme anyhow. It must be the theme that works to drive sales.

The Shopify store boasts of a large collection of themes you can install for your store design. The right theme for you is in the midst. Don’t be overwhelmed about which of them to go for. There are principles that should guide your choice.


Picking the Best Shopify Themes for your Store

Now, to the important aspect of choosing the best Shopify theme for your store. Not everything will work well for your type of store. You need the right theme. That said, here are helpful considerations to look at to land you the best Shopify theme for your store.

Preview your Store Products on the Selected Shopify Theme

When checking through the various Shopify themes, the system allows you to take a preview of how your products will appear. This lets you see how each template will look like when installed in real life.

Designers of these themes are aesthetics-conscious with their design by inserting good quality premium images on the themes they produce. Every designer has their own style and makes sure the right images are the ones on their designs to enhance its look. You can replace those images with your product images if you already have them.

Go for Something Conventional

Never leave your customers guessing or ask questions about your store. They should have a clear picture in their mind about what your store represents. Your store should be intuitive.

Interestingly, the best you’ll find among the Shopify themes go with the normal conventional design. They follow widely recognized and accepted layouts and methods. A buyer will never get confused when on a store with these themes.

Think Along the Direction of a Mobile-Friendly Theme

In today’s world, the mobile-friendly theme is no pushover. Everyone seems to go about with handheld devices. That calls for a good reason your e-commerce store needs to be mobile-friendly. It is on record that over 50% of the sales on a Shopify store happen on mobile devices. So, choosing a Shopify theme that is mobile-friendly is in order.

Don’t put the cart before the horse, make sure to preview your e-commerce store on the different mobile devices before you launch your store. Don’t try to look different sort of in your choice as well. Stay with the conventional designs. Install mobile layouts that people are familiar with to avoid confusion. You don’t want to lose some customers based on this area.

Even if you choose a free Shopify theme, you’re still going to have a customizable install to give your customers good user experience.


Explore Lightweight Shopify Themes

The simpler your Shopify theme, the better for your store! Avoid Shopify themes that are packed with lots of irrelevant elements, unimportant animations, and fancy scrollers among others.

Yes, your site visitors will like all these but the health of your website should come first. Having lots of the above implemented can increase your page load time or result in other abnormal situations.

The idea about your choice of theme should be for your customers to find your store, locate products easily and make their purchase without hindrance.

The good thing though is that Shopify themes provide lightweight websites that are very simple for users to quickly carry out their transactions.

Imagine an analysis that puts a $16 billion revenue loss on Amazon if their website load time increases by one second. You may not talk about such a huge amount of money on your store but that is how much of money you’ll be throwing away if the store was yours.

Should you Go for Free Shopify Themes

Why not, if you’re on a budget or are not ready to splash the cash just yet- Even if you have the money to spend, free Shopify themes are equally good themes that will give your buyers good user experience when buying from your store. They contain the essential elements to help you create a successful e-commerce store. The themes allow you to add products, banners, blog posts, and images.

Being highly customizable, you can tweak the free themes to meet your design needs. In fact, if you’re a newbie with an e-commerce store, be careful with what you spend your money on. It is advisable to start with a free theme and upgrade later to a paid theme when things improve on your business.


The bottom line is, there are lots of free Shopify themes that are very good for your e-commerce store. It is good especially if you’re still struggling to find your feet on the e-commerce thing. Get free Shopify themes that are focused on products to start with for your store. This helps if you don’t have the money to spend on banners yet. These type of themes will get you started.

Exploring the Shopify Theme Store

Looking for the perfect theme for your store? The Shopify themes have everything you need. The Shopify theme collection comprises a variety of themes designed to meet great aesthetics and add style to your store.

The Shopify Core Collections are elegantly designed themes with great versatility suitable to meet different design layout and patterns. Find a theme backed by inspiration, style, and color among this category. Take advantage of both the paid and free themes in the collection to elevate the brand style of your e-commerce store.

When at the store, you’ll be treated to a gallery of beautiful themes in different categories. Among is the list of ‘Trending this week’ collections, ‘the Big, beautiful and imagery’ collections, and themes designed to meet the requirements of small or large inventories. Industry-based themes are all in the pack of great themes provided by Shopify.

You can browse to find a theme of your choice by industry such as Food & Drink, Furniture, Home & Garden among others. Minimalistic style, Fun, Lively, and Grid-style layout are other interesting themes you’ll find in the wide range of Shopify theme collections.

Why you should Upgrade to Premium Shopify Themes

Shopify free themes are equally great themes. They are a good way to start if you’re just starting out with your e-commerce business as an entrepreneur. The question that many ask still lingers in many people’s mind. Should I upgrade to a premium theme? Why do I actually need a premium theme?

If a business has grown with free themes should you take the gamble and try something else to be better? Well, to help you further, the word premium definitely has something you’re unaware of. You get something extra in a premium e-commerce website.

To douse the tension surrounding the whole issue, there are vital reasons to give premium themes a chance in your website store design.


1. Extra Built-in Features

Premium Shopify themes are designed to add in extra features compared to the free themes. There should be no arguing the fact that premium themes have features that surpass free themes.

With premium themes, you have a wide range of collections to pick from. Premium themes give you the edge to add more functionality to your online store. You can add in more apps and implement more customization.

With additional design options available to you through premium themes, you can improve your store design. Do every possibility to make your web store stand out in the quality of design put in place.

This is because reports show that 75% of consumers agreed to judge a company whether they are credible or not from the quality of their web design.

Premium themes present you with more customization possibilities, more variations, and richer layout pattern. You should think of different ways to give your catalog a new look. Premium themes help you achieve that for your online store.

Shopify premium themes add more features to enhance your buyers’ experience when purchasing items. For instance, ‘Quick pay’ is a feature that gives users a smoother checkout. They can swiftly add products to the cart without leaving the page. It lessens the frustration of buyers wanting to check out but confused about how. This takes off frequently cases of abandoned carts experienced by Shopify merchants.

2. Better Mobile Experience

You should think strongly in the direction of improving the mobile experience for your customers. Why? The world today lives a ‘mobile life’. Everyone moves around with a mobile device.

They can access anything over the Internet with their smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. A survey carried out on customer’s behavior during special sales periods like Cyber Monday and Black Friday shows that the use of mobile device accounted for over 64% of orders made on Shopify stores.

Shopify’s responsive themes such as Handy and Reach have had good patronage in the past from store owners to enhance their mobile-friendly performance. Exploring themes on the Shopify store shows that all themes are designed to be mobile-friendly.


3. Able to Access Theme Support

If you run a premium theme, you can have access to the developer of the theme you have purchased when you run into some difficulties with your theme. You know the value of customer support to your store. If you can get the same for your web store, that should be great. You can ask questions directly on set up, and every other area you need attention on.

There are so many benefits you can derive from premium themes that are not available with free ones. If your store is set for it, simply go ahead and make things work better. You won’t be able to tell how well it works until you give it a try.

Custom Shopify Themes Design

All themes will go through tweaking to make it look better. You will customize your Shopify template. Luckily, Shopify provided very easy-to-use editing panel to let you do that.

To get your theme customized to what you desire, visit the Online Store. Click on Themes, and then Customize Theme. Locate the sections of the theme on the right-hand sidebar. You’ll find the Footer, Body, and Header among others. Do something different.

Be free to tweak the themes and see what each looks like before you apply the one that meets your needs.