Top 10 Trending Products

Trending products to sell 2019

New trends emerge periodically and so do products in the e-commerce world. Agreed, evergreen niche markets will always be viable as time passes. But this doesn’t leave out trending products from making good sales that can surpass those in the evergreen niche.

The argument that trending products will come and go may often be true but it doesn’t also rule out the fact that trending products can stay much longer in the market. And who says they can’t become evergreen products with time?

The most rapid success comes from trending products that burn brightly and die out quickly. But steady success comes from niche markets that are already competitive with lots of advertising going on with them. Such a niche already has lots of engagement, more than those that are not trending or well-known.

You can quickly experience huge growth in no time on trending and proven markets than entering a new niche entirely. Don’t try to prove a point by entering a niche that is hardly known. That said, here are the top 10 trending products to sell 2019.

Trending Products 2019

Women’s Fashion Trending Products

Product 1: – Denim

Denim products have grown over time in bounds to reach many people across the globe. Many types of denim goods are sold today.

See how the trends developed up to 2019. Denim products won’t be scarce to find. Almost everyone will be seen with one. Jeans, shirts, jackets, and bags are from this durable product types that always flock the market. You can be sure to make good sales of tops and products from denim.


Its popularity touches on every design including vintage denim, marble denim, bubble gum denim, crushed denim, reverse denim, and colored denim. Every one of these types has strong market demand. Your little effort can yield much profit for you if you enter into the market when the demand peaks.

Selling denim in 2019 can be profitable by putting up some ads on social media like Facebook. Influencer marketing is getting stronger by the day. Try it out and don’t ignore the image hosting social platform, Pinterest.

For your store, explore the trend of denim on Google Trends and see how things are coming up to be sure you’re on the right track with your choice to market the product.

Product 2: – Shapewear

Ladies will continue to want to look trendy and attractive. That is why shapewear’s demand has been on the rise over the years. Women wear shapewear as underwear to enhance their shape and impose a slim appearance. On various e-commerce platforms, the product has continued to enjoy many orders from customers.

Selling these trending products has a lot of promise if you’re planning on adding more trending products to your store. Make sure to have a variety of options for your store. Some products might come with inbuilt bra while others are designed with elevated waist and tummy-tuck finish. Some are comparable to your usual swimsuit.

The options are unlimited, just check out the trend!


To effectively market shapewear, creativity should not be left out. Know your target audience. From experience, overweight women and those that have just delivered their baby go after these products the most. But also don’t leave out sports enthusiasts.

Make your potential customers comfortable when trying to reach them. Be careful about how you treat the weight topic. A good marketing strategy can be using influencers from blogs on new moms and related sites. It’s definitely among top trending products 2019 to watch out for.

Beauty Trending Products

Product 3: – Fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are trendy beauty products women wear to enhance their eyelashes making them appear fuller. The marketability of fake eyelashes is on the high. Just check out the trend.


The sales are quite encouraging with most of the sales coming from bulk orders from customers, as this is a fast-moving good of sorts. Making more sales in the fake eyelashes business is even more feasible with a high potential of increasing upsell on the product.

Get a feel of what Google Trends reveals on the search rate of this product and you’ll be amazed at how people engage with search offers from the niche including fake eyelashes, eyelashes, false eyelashes, and eyelash. With many search terms doing well in the beauty product niche, selling should come with a breeze.

Get in touch with beauty bloggers and ask to be featured in any related article. That should be a good starting point to get your promotion started to make some good money. Take advantage of organic traffic by optimizing your store with good SEO practices.

Add the search terms listed above as keywords in your content and URL to drive some traffic your way. Teach women how to apply false eyelashes in your content and don’t overlook the power of video tutorials. Paid ads are also great. Facebook is king in this.

Product 4: – Fake Nails

Talking of trending products 2019, fake nails are on the increase in demand. Though a rare niche, fake nails can quickly drive some sales when you explore the various aspects of it including nail art accessories.

It is very encouraging to discover this product is really trendy. Take a look at how it is on steady growth in Google Trend.


A shot at this trendy product on your store is worth it. Instagram marketing is more promising to give you a good reach with the product. The graphics aspect of marketing makes this product stand out. Make colorful backgrounds to give a strong appeal to potential customers.

The image-focused social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are dubbed the best platforms to increase more sales in your marketing drive. Get some free images from stock photos and add them to your store.

Men’s Trending Products

Product 5: – Men’s Watches

In the men’s world, watches are great accessories that bring out the good looks and style. A wristwatch is a good choice as a gift for men on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other important celebrations.

When you visit some of the top stores online, you’ll find a lot of orders on some of the best watches in the market. In the past 10 years, Google Trends reveal an upward move in demand for men’s watches.

Particularly, holiday periods including the month of December have seen a high increase in the product’s demand, making it a trendy product to sell for the year.


Top brans make more sales of watches during winter and autumn seasons. You can ride on this wave to make some good sales as well. Affiliate marketing and the use of influencers fall among the most effective way to promote wrist watches.

Get in touch with influencers. Take a picture of them with your watch on. Share the photos on their profile. Introduce an affiliate commission to your partners later on. This can further increase your sales.

Product 6: – Men’s Shoes

Sales of shoes including those for men increase mostly around the holiday period. A variety of men’s shoes are on demand during this period. They often come in various styles and orders increase tremendously.

If you run the dropshipping business model, shoes can be a good product to add to your store. If yours is a niche store for men’s shoes, you’re on track to making good sales when added to the store.


Examining how the trend swings on Google Trends, it is observed that December gives the highest demand from potential customers. Much like fashion wears like the men’s watch, Instagram seems to rank as one of the best places to market men’s shoes.

Use influencers to reach your target market on the platform. Adopt different strategies with the influencers. Use their pictures for adverts on proven social media platforms like Facebook. Motivate your influencers.

Kid’s Trending Products

Product 7: – Reborn Baby

Baby dolls are coming on the scene once again as one of the popular play items for kids. The most in demand at the moment to include in the top trending products of 2019 is the Reborn Baby.

This characteristic baby-like doll is seeing more demand and as a profitable toy for the kids’ category. As top trending products of 2019, the ‘Reborn Baby’ gives you more sales opportunities in upselling.


Add adorable clothing for the doll as your upsell for people to order along with the product on your store. At a moderate price, you can drop ship the dolls to your customers if you run a dropshipping business model. Clothing for these dolls is getting a lot of orders in recent years.

The Reborn Baby doll’s clothing is turning to be a good and new niche to add to your store as it is enjoying high demand from people who already bought the Reborn Baby doll.

Google Trends has been on the positive move for the doll towards the last quarter of the year. If you have eyes for the holiday sales, adding this doll can be a juicy one to catch in on.

Parents with young children are the prime target for this product. Contact bloggers who focus on moms or kids toys. Google ads are also a good one to try for your promotion.

Kitchen Trending Products

Product 8: – Vegetable Cutter

Cooking and the kitchen are inseparable. To chop vegetables, vegetable cutters will always be needed. Good sales can be realized from kitchen gadgets such as a vegetable cutter. Take a look at the orders placed on this niche, and you’ll discover how viable it is to tap into.

Orders from popular e-commerce platforms show an increasing demand in their thousands. Dropshipping can be one of the best ways to sell products in this category.

Google trend reveals an increasing growth in search terms like a vegetable cutter. In addition, demand for the product has no attachment to a particular season. It has an even spread to qualify as an evergreen product you can sell all year round.


The marketing method can differ. You can target first time home buyers. SEO can be another good one to adopt since the search for the item spreads all through the year.

Get into niche blogging on the item and implement search engine optimization. Google ads and Facebook ads can also work very well to help drive sales.

Product 9: – Silicone Mold for Baking

Cake baking either for occasions or home consumption will go on for life. Silicone molds are useful for the design of such cakes making it one of the trending products of 2019 for baking. To make your pastry and cakes to come out in a design pattern of your choice, silicone molds are made to help out in this area.

They are quite cheap and affordable. Adding a wide variety of them into your store can enhance your sales. The months before up till now have seen some tremendous growth in demand for this item. It has a very strong prospect to hold the status of an evergreen product.


Marketing the product should be an easy one with various platforms, especially if you can make videos or use ones from suppliers. Come up with a video to demonstrate how to use silicone molds for a cake design while baking.

Influencers are a great option to further reach your potential customers. Let your customers help with marketing. Post some pictures of your customers holding some of your silicone molds. Be creative with your marketing strategy, as cooking and baking are a fun and diverse niche.

Tech Trending Products

Product 10: – Phone Cases

Phone cases are not only protective, but they also add more color to the smartphone outlook. You’ll find the average phone user with an attractive cover of a phone case. The demand for phone cases won’t come down anytime soon except a new technology comes up to replace our reliable smartphones.

They’ve simply become a part of us. Check out how the silicone matte collections are doing and you’ll agree there is a great market in here for everyone to tap into. Google Trends highlights increased demand for phone cases and silicone phone cases specifically in recent times.


Phone cases come in various sizes, design patterns, colors, and material. Demand is outright huge. Adding this to your store will make a big difference in your sales when your marketing strategy works well.

Should phone cases not be considered an evergreen niche? Of course, it should. The niche is stable and the demand keeps soaring with new releases of phones.

Use Instagram and upload photos to market your phone cases. Facebook should not be left out. Use Facebook ads. Employ the services of influencers. Your customers too can help in spreading the message. Offer incentives to motivate them.

There you have it, the trending products of 2019 you can add to your store!

This doesn’t go to say the list is exhausted with the only trending products for 2019, no. There are yet many that are not included in this list. Our choice of selection is based on some parameters we feel should be very important to help our choice.

With the list in hand, have you found one that you’re most interested in to add to your store? You can always look at the competition to compare notes. Don’t shy away from adopting good examples and practices!