The Importance of Instagram Hashtags for Ecommerce


Instagram is an amazing social media platform that business owners can use to grow their businesses online. This image-driven social media platform is quick to challenge the likes of Facebook on prominence. Many businesses are going on it to tap into its rich user-base.

You can describe Instagram as a utility system that anyone can use to carry out a variety of tasks and functions when using it for e-commerce. It is suitable to promote your new products, communicate with existing customers or retain existing ones if you can tap into its usefulness.

For its fast growth, the platform has clocked the one billion user-base mark since June 2018. This is huge traffic waiting to be tapped by any Internet marketer and businesses that need it.

In this article, we are going to take you through how the hashtags of Instagram work. You’ll also discover how to find the best Instagram tags for likes. Your following needs Instagram hashtags. You will find a list of such hashtags that will be very useful for you.

Why You Should Use Instagram Tags

Before considering why you should use Instagram hashtags, taking a look at what the term is should help.

An Instagram hashtag is usually a series of words or a singular word that is marked by the hash symbol (#). This is often used in the comment area or in the post description. The hashtags enable the platform to categorize and organize content. This invariably helps to present the right content to users.

Now, why should you use hashtags?

There are many reasons why to use hashtags. Generally, they will help your content get a broader reach. Here are the core reasons why to use hashtags.

To Gain More Followers

Instagram hashtags offer individuals who are interested in a particular niche to find related content when a tag is attached. When you use the right Instagram hashtags, you’re bound to have a higher following on the platform.


It makes your website content to be found by many people. Your account will have more followers when a reader finds your content to be dealing with a related topic such as the one they are searching for.

To Gain More Likes

Users of the Instagram platform who are interested in a specific field are most likely to search for hashtags which are related to their topic. When you use such tags on your content, you’ll be opening up more chances for people to find you online. This helps you gain more likes for your publications.

To make more sales

Getting more followers with your Instagram account may be the ultimate goal but it doesn’t stop there. You can get more sales rolling in through the use of hashtags on your platform. Through the help of compelling content, your sales can be boosted to reach greater numbers when the right Instagram hashtag is employed.

To follow Instagram hashtags

The Instagram platform now enables users to follow hashtags. This means any community or topic can be followed on Instagram. It is comparable to also following a user’s account on Instagram. Use the search tool to search the hashtag and then follow it.

The essence of an Instagram hashtag is to have a broader reach of audience worldwide. It is good to use popular Instagram tags but it is more profitable when you use Instagram tags that are about your business niche area. Be very direct about the hashtag that you want to use to promote your e-commerce business.

How to Find the Most Popular Hashtags


You should know exactly how to find the most popular hashtags to grow your business. You need to find those niche-related hashtags for likes and to grow your business more effectively. You can easily find the right Instagram hashtags by following some good research practices. These include:

Researching your audience

To be successful with your Instagram hashtag campaign, just selecting random Instagram hashtags won’t cut it. You need to apply the right principle. Find out what your audience is searching for online and their interest. Add keywords that your audience is looking for to be discovered by them and not just any form of keywords.

Researching Instagram Influencers

You know who they are. Influencers on Instagram are individuals that have a great influence on others. They sort of encourage people to take actions by first taking such actions in some cases.

Take a look at the hashtags that the influencers are using and use the same for your campaign. You will clearly find the most engaging hashtags that are used by influencers in your niche area and follow the same for your hashtag campaign.

Researching your competitors

By finding out what hashtags are used by your users, you’ll be able to have ideas of what Instagram hashtags are used by them that are getting more engagement from users. It does not mean you should copy the actual or exact hashtags for your posts. They should give you an idea of what to use and not to.


Use Instagram hashtag tools

If you’re looking for the most popular hashtags for likes, tools will get you there faster and effectively. Regardless of your online store niche area, you’ll still find the related hashtags to your niche, make use of the tools and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the tools to generate the most popular Instagram hashtags for more likes on your Instagram account:


TagBlender is a hashtag generator for Instagram that can be used to source hashtags to improve engagement rate for your social media account content. Using this tool allows you to generate a variety of Instagram hashtags in diverse fields of endeavor including Urban, Fashion, People or Art.



This is another great tool that can help you generate hashtags for likes for your account profile. The tool is quite simple and easy to navigate. You should be able to find the best Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your business niche area using this amazing tool. It is popular and has helped many entrepreneurs find success with their ecommerce campaigns.

Instagram tags

Ready-made popular tags can be accessed using the Instagram tags tool. The tool provides various hashtags relating to files from ‘Hair’ down to ‘Throwback’. Use the tool to find related hashtags for your business and grow your e-commerce store successfully.


Seekmetrics provides you with a tool to make a comparative analysis. The tool helps you compare your performance along with your competitors. Using this tool is quite simple. Just type in the particular hashtag and click, “generate”. Similar hashtags related to the generated ones will be displayed for you to make your selection.

All Hashtag

For this hashtag generator, you can create and as well analyze the top related hashtags by generating numerous hashtags that can be copied and pasted into your post on Instagram. The tool works by using the selected keywords that you enter into the system. The tool provides three filter options to help your search for the desired Instagram tag that you’re in need of.


With the listed tools above, you can find very useful Instagram hashtags to be used for your Instagram content. Keep in mind that there is a limitation to the number of Instagram hashtags you can have in a post. You can only have 30 hashtags in a post. This is done in a bid to prevent spamming and to make sure content on the platform remains relevant.

Top Instagram Hashtags

Searching for the top Instagram hashtags? When dealing with hashtags, some words are very popular. Generally, the single keywords dominate most times. Here are the top Instagram hashtags in various fields for 2019:

10 Best Fashion Instagram Hashtags

1. #fashionblogger
2. #fashionista
3. #fashion
4. #fashionable
5. #fashionstyle
6. #fashiongram
7. #fashionblog
8. #fashionweek
9. #FashionAddict
10. #fashiondiaries

10 Best Travel Instagram Hashtags


1. #travel
2. #Travelgram
3. #Travelphotography
4. #traveling
5. #travelling
6. #traveler
7. #traveller
8. #travelblogger
9. #travelingram
10. #traveltheworld

10 Best Art Instagram Hashtags

1. #art
2. #artist
3. #arte
4. #artwork
5. #artoftheday
6. #artistic
7. #artofvisuals
8. #artsy
9. #artistsoninstagram
10. #arts

10 Best Love Instagram Hashtags


1. #love
2. #lovely
3. #loveyourself
4. #Loveit
5. #lovelife
6. #lovequotes
7. #lovemyjob
8. #loveyou
9. #lover
10. #loveher

10 Best Makeup Instagram Hashtags

1. #makeup
2. #makeupartist
3. #makeuplover
4. #makeupaddict
5. #makeupjunkie
6. #makeuptutorial
7. #makeupbyme
8. #makeupoftheday
9. #makeupforever
10. #makeuplook

10 Best Business Instagram Hashtags

1. #business
2. #Businessman
3. #Businessowner
4. #businesswoman
5. #businessowners
6. #businesswomen
7. #businesslife
8. #businesscoach
9. #businesstips
10. #businessminded

10 Best Music Instagram Hashtags


1. #music
2. #musician
3. #musically
4. #musica
5. #musicvideo
6. #musical
7. #musicians
8. #musicislife
9. #musicproducer
10. #musiclife

10 Best Coffee Instagram Hashtags

1. #coffee
2. #coffeetime
3. #coffeeaddict
4. #coffeelover
5. #coffeeshop
6. #coffeebreak
7. #coffeelovers
8. #coffeegram
9. #coffeelove
10. #coffeeholic

10 Best Dogs Instagram Hashtags

1. #dogs
2. #dogstagram
3. #dogsofig
4. #dogsofinsta
5. #dogsitting
6. #dogslife
7. #dogscorner
8. #dogsofinstaworld
9. #dogsandpals
10. #dogslover

How to Add Trending Hashtags to Instagram Stories

The Instagram story is a feature on Instagram where you can share your videos and photos with all of your followers for a 24-hour period. The photos and videos will disappear after the time elapses. They won’t be found on your profile any longer by your followers, only you will have access to them.


Now, how do you add trending hashtag to your Instagram stories?

Using a set of proven tools and filters, you can add Instagram stickers to your Instagram story. These can add some customized hashtag stickers to your Instagram story. You can through this make your trending hashtag more popular. The choice which hashtags you use for this is solely yours.

Your followers who are watching the story you have posted can simply tap on the hashtag you’ve included on your story.

The hashtag sticker, in this case, offers people with the privilege of diving deeper into the possibilities of connecting and exploring other similar posts on Instagram. The inclusion of a trending hashtag to your story both helps to bring in more viewership but also make way for additional followers of your account.

Helpful Tips for Instagram Accounts

Instagram, just like any other social media account requires good management for effectiveness.

If you run an Instagram account, there are some helpful tips that you can use to guide you to properly manage the account. Here are some:


Keep your Engagement with Your Followers Constant

To keep your followers actively involved with you, you need to constantly provide that link between you and them. Reach out to them the way you can. Follow them on Instagram when their feed is great. Like their posts and appreciate them when they take action on posts.

Spy on your Competitors to Know how they are Doing

You can only know how best to beat the competition when you know the exact thing your competitors are doing. You can copy some of what they do to succeed with their posts. If you have a better means of beating them to it, you should go ahead and apply it. If the length of their post is 50 words, you can make yours 100 words.

Post Regularly

How regularly you post on your Instagram account is crucial to your success with the platform. If you have engaging content on your website, customers of your business will find you more easily when good SEO is implemented. If you can post every day of the week, that is great, if not, make sure to post at least thrice a week.

Visual content

Visual content is very powerful in today’s age and time. You can adopt the use of good infographics or use quality images that explain an idea or method. Teach your visitors and audience what they are looking for online and you’ll be amazed at how they’ll constantly flock your store for more.