The Best Instagram Captions for E-commerce

best instagram captions

Words are powerful. Images are captivating and stay longer in our memories. Both have a significant impact in telling a story. Words put life into pictures while we tell exciting stories. They add context to give a specific interpretation, to provide suitable meanings. Instagram captions do this well for your Instagram posts through the use of the appropriate Instagram caption.

What Instagram Caption Is?

Instagram is a fast growing social media platform where photo sharing is the most popular mode of communication.

The Instagram caption is an explanation about an Instagram photo. It is a written description that gives a good description of the photo to tell a simple story. Your Instagram caption can include any of hashtags, tags, and emojis. A good Instagram caption will keep people engaged, sharing, or talking about your brand. By simply taking a selfie of yourself, you can add a good Instagram caption to the photo to describe what you were doing at the time.

Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters. This is about 330 words in all. Don’t leave this provision to waste any time you write a post on Instagram. Make good use of it all the time for your business promotion.

Adding Instagram captions liven up your content letting people engage better with it. You can add an Instagram caption to share your selfie quotes, increase engagement on your social media account and guide people to your bio link.

We have put this article together to help you with the use of Instagram captions now that you know what is dropshipping and are ready to set up your store. Because you won’t make a dent if you don’t promote your store the right way.

You will be exposed to the list of the best Instagram captions and why to use one is important to help your post provide better engagement.

Instagram captions are not difficult to write. Though you’ll find some pre-written captions helpful, you can be creative and just write your own story in the simplest way you can. Take, for instance, a man posting a photo with a soccer ball. His caption reads: “My career, my life. My life depends on it” The man’s Instagram quote simply says everything about him as a football player.

You can take a selfie and write cool captions to improve engagement on your ecommerce Instagram account.

How You can Write Instagram captions Effectively



Brainstorming needs you to think outside the box. After writing that good post, an expression may come up in your mind. Think of a captivating Instagram caption that will leave your audience engaged and active. When brainstorming, you can go in a specified direction. This will help you with the tone and style for the caption.

What do you want to be achieved? Do you intend for your audience to take action or want them entertained? Think of the goal you have in mind to help your brainstorming activity.

Use Questions


Questions keep people thinking. It is a form of good engagement method and you should constantly use it to build up a strong relationship with your audience.

Most times, the Instagram post that brings in more activity on your account is that with question captions. Just go ahead and ask a question about a thing. “What do you feel about this?” You can ask a variety of questions that will engage with your audience. Guiding people to click through on your bio in a manner that is indirect can be another way to ask people to buy from you.

Use Emojis

instagram emojis

Emojis can give a good interpretation of what you have in mind. Without you uttering a word, you can say a lot with the use of emojis. If you’ve got a product launch coming up, a suitable emoji can be one that carries a product to serve as a hint to keep your customers alert about the upcoming event.

Emojis can give your post such a hype that will leave people guessing about what you have in stock. This is the motive. You want to get people’s attention.

Here Are Our Favorite Instagram Caption Ideas

instagram caption ideas

Looking for amazing Instagram caption ideas to use on your Instagram post? There is a range of collections of Instagram captions you can use for your photos. Your e-commerce business can add more interactivity by including these great Instagram ideas.

They are presented in various categories. Here are some:

Captions for Selfies

  1. Myself, me and I
  2. Just me
  3. Selfie Saturday
  4. Typical me
  5. I am born great
  6. Me doing me
  7. How about this look
  8. Just woke up
  9. Couldn’t be much happier

Success Captions

  1. We made it!
  2. Teamwork harder
  3. Hustlin’
  4. Achieving great dreams
  5. Daydreams now reality
  6. Impossibilities become possible
  7. Perseverance pays… a lot!
  8. Didn’t come that easy but worth all the effort
  9. Entrepreneur life

Instagram Captions for Couples

  1. My best friend
  2. Two of us alone
  3. I’m her King, She’s my Queen
  4. Relationships sometimes end for love stories to begin
  5. My heart, my world, my everything
  6. My one and only
  7. Bae
  8. My love

Question Captions

  1. Yes or No?
  2. What is this like?
  3. How do I help you?
  4. How striking is this?
  5. Miss me?
  6. How are you folks doing?
  7. What is the time?
  8. Where are we?

Motivational Instagram Captions

  • If you’re waiting for opportunities to knock, it is time to construct a door
  • Who will, If you don’t ever believe in yourself?
  • The little things matter in life
  • Until it’s done, it seems always impossible
  • Though I’m not there yet, I’m quite closer than I actually was yesterday
  • It appears stormy currently but it won’t rain forever
  • Dreams have no expiration dates, just keep going.
  • One Word Captions
  • Me
  • Love
  • Us
  • YES!
  • Heaven
  • Ugh…
  • Speechless.
  • OMG!
  • #Goals
  • Awkward
  • Surprise!

Instagram Captions for Summer

  1. Feeling hot, hot and hot
  2. Summer loving happened so fast
  3. Chasing the sun
  4. Sun, Sea, and Smiles
  5. Hello, sunshine!
  6. Blue skies, good vibes, and high tides
  7. Life’s a beach
  8. Eat, tan, sleep, repeat
  9. I never liked summer to end
  10. This is my lovely resting beach face

Instagram Captions Travel

  1. If you can travel to different places in the globe, where would be the first?
  2. Guess where currently I am
  3. Leaving on a jet plane
  4. Work, Save and Travel, then Repeat.
  5. Time for a great adventure!
  6. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else
  7. Wanderlust
  8. Will be back, discovering the world

Nature Captions for Instagram

  1. Go to the habitation where life is more meaningful
  2. A stroll in the woods gives the feeling like home
  3. If you’re considering having heaven on earth, it’s time to step outside
  4. The more you are lost in nature, the closer you are to discovering yourself
  5. The mountains beckon to me
  6. Sometimes all that is needed is a walk in the woods
  7. If you are in search of beauty, you’ll discover it in nature
  8. Life is short, the world is wide, get out there and discover it.
  9. Wherever the path life takes you, leave a trail

Halloween Instagram Captions

  1. Pumpkin & spice and all things nice
  2. Creep it real
  3. You are my favorite BOO!
  4. Happy Halloween!
  5. Straight Outta Coffin
  6. This is spooktacular
  7. Bow down witches!
  8. I’m under your spell
  9. If you have it, haunt it

Christmas Instagram Captions

  1. Trick or treat?
  2. Silent night…
  3. Falalalalalalalala
  4. Do not get your decoration in a tangle
  5. Hanging out underneath the mistletoe
  6. Drink up Grinches, it is Christmas
  7. Can I wrap you up?
  8. A season to be merry

New Year Instagram Captions

  1. Happy New Year!
  2. New year, a new look
  3. It’s only January 1st and I’ve already failed at my resolutions…
  4. 365 new days, opportunities and chances to go after
  5. 2019: same old story or new chapter? Let us wait and see.
  6. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese Proverb
  7. Cheers to a happy new year of happiness, love, and success
  8. Hope you all crush it in 2019
  9. May your year 2019 be wealthy and healthy

Birthday Instagram Captions

  1. A year wiser
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Go shawty, it’s your birthday
  4. Having my cake and eating it as well
  5. Making a birthday wish
  6. Another year happier, older and wiser
  7. I am officially 20!
  8. Experience level: 30 years
  9. “It takes a long time to grow young” – Pablo Picasso
  10. On this particular day, a king was born!

Livening up your Post with Funny Instagram captions

funny instagram captions

Instagram has grown with amazing success. The social media site has this uniqueness in photo sharing to tell a story. Different images around the world have something significant about them that anyone can take advantage of to create engagement in an Instagram post.

Instagram captions come in a variety of categories. They can be related to family, the environment, occupation, lifestyle and events among other numerous captions. A rare caption choice that many go with sometimes on their Instagram post is the funny Instagram caption. When the mood is dull, this type of caption can get people active and laughing again.

Your customers and followers should be treated to some of these funny Instagram captions occasionally as the need requires. Be conversant with the prevailing atmosphere to know the funny Instagram caption to adopt for your photo post.

You’ve taken some good selfie or have a collection of photos you want to give some great captions. You can add more liveliness to your captions by using funny Instagram captions to pass on your message. If your photo isn’t funny, utilizing the power of funny quotes on your post will get you there.

Here are some:

Funny Instagram Captions

  1. When I feel giving up on my great dreams, I keep sleeping
  2. The best exercise is a cross flanked by a lunge and a Lunch.
  3. Here is my cute hungry face
  4. If I were funny, I would have a good Instagram quote for this
  5. Namast’ay in bed
  6. We all have that one friend…
  7. We are all born a bit crazy, some of us decide to choose to live that way
  8. Placing the ‘we’ in weird
  9. I can’t tell what’s tighter: our love or my jeans

Funny Instagram Captions for Friends, Groups, and Family

  1. Nobody truly likes us but us.
  2. I like you ‘cause you joined in on my weirdness.
  3. Find your tribe and love them badly.
  4. I laugh. You laugh. You cry. I cry. I yell, “Try a flip!”
  5. Let’s share a cool bottle of wine and our regrettable selfies.
  6. If you are always in the company of clowns, never be astonished if your life is like that of a circus.
  7. Remember, as much as we know, we are a loving, normal family.
  8. I only troll with goddesses.

What Are Some Good Instagram Captions for E-commerce

instagram captions ecommerce

Making sales with your ecommerce store can be boosted with the right Instagram caption. Your ecommerce Instagram caption should offer the necessary information about your business to your customers. They should be informative, educating and entertain the readers.

Be creative with your write up, there is no one approach to your writing a good business Instagram caption. It should be distinct to what you do.

Business Instagram Captions

  1. Good evening, New York! We are in town for a product launch at Booth 70. Stop by as you pass and say hi!
  2. We got some product already in the pipeline … check back soon for a thrilling announcement on April 22, 2019!
  3. At [name of company], our best strength is our people.
  4. We had a good time with all of our customers at [event]! you guys are the best.
  5. [Company] is off for the holiday! We sincerely wish everyone a blissful long weekend.