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November 2022

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Why Sell T-Shirts Online?


When it comes to eCommerce, to sell clothes online is always a viable option. But this is a very broad category, and many people can get lost. There’s also the matter of size and differences in size, which can often lead to headaches, especially when returns start flooding in. And no one like to handle returns.

That’s why many people prefer to start dropshipping t-shirts and make a niche store, instead of focusing on the broad category. There are two main reasons for that – the diversity of t-shirts is huge and size doesn’t really matter when it comes to casual clothing.

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Why Dropship T-Shirts Online?

There are thousands of dropship suppliers, smaller manufacturers, and big distributors. This means, your choice for t-shirts to dropship is huge. From inspirational quotes to colorful prints, from cotton to polyester, from symmetrical to a-symmetrical, the choice is huge. And no one’s ever complained they have too many t-shirts.

Dropshipping t-shirts gives you the chance to grow a significant audience and client base. And once you’ve found your footing in the industry, you can gradually expand and grow your business by adding other products. Because, as we said, the broadest category is actually to dropship clothes online.

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Who Are the Main Distributors of T-Shirts?

But the huge choice of t-shirts to dropship can also make it a challenge. If you are going to start t-shirt dropshipping, you can’t succeed simply by providing diversity. In times when one can print one’s own shirt, you need to offer something else. And that’s quality. But not just the quality of the t-shirts you sell online, but also quality customer service.

Cut down on shipping times with local suppliers and order samples to ensure what you’re selling is good. Find the best partners in directories like SaleHoo for a guaranteed quality offer.

Browse the Best T-shirt Droshipping Suppliers

How Can I Start Droppshipping T-Shirts Online?

All you need to get started with dropshipping is to have a store with a loaded product list.

  • Step 1 – Open Shopify Store

Get started with your store. Don’t worry, it is quite simple to set up your store. And you can completely customize it with all the capabilities offered by Shopify. No wonder it is the top preferred store building platform among dropshippers. You can easily import products and customize the t-shirts you’re going to dropship.

  • Step 2 – Spy Competitors

A little spying on the competition doesn’t hurt. On the contrary, it can really help you out. Even if you’ve found the best suppliers with the help of SaleHoo, you don’t have a guarantee these products would truly sell. Solutions like Niche Scraper and ProductPro can help you analyze what t-shirts does you competition prefer to dropship, as well as which are the top selling t-shirts from their websites.

Choose a Reliable Supplier & Winning Products

To start with t-shirt dropshipping requires a lot of research since there is such a huge choice when it comes to selling t-shirts online. Only versatile directories like SaleHoo can help you get straight to the point of finding the best suppliers and not waste precious time on products that cannot sell.

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