Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Sunglasses

November 2022

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Why Sell Sunglasses Online?


Even though sunglasses are considered to be a seasonal product, demand for them is still huge and steady throughout the year. Of course, it spikes right at the start of warm and sunny seasons. But this is a fashion accessory that can be marketed very easily and at any given moment, especially if you’re selling is good. Good sunglasses to sell online can be found in product-sourcing directories like SaleHoo.

Also, unless the sunglasses are extremely expensive, people don’t take very good care of them. The glasses scratch, the frames break. Unlike dropshipping watches, people buy sunglasses times more often than a watch. And given the variety of sunglasses and the accompanying products you could push, to sell sunglasses online is not a half-bad way to start with e-commerce.

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Why Dropship Sunglasses Online?

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Dropshipping sunglasses frees you from the hassle of shipping and handling goods. You can also add and remove products at will, switch them, add variants, and constantly optimize your product list with losses.

With dropshipping sunglasses, you’ll never have to worry about inventory that doesn’t sell. And you can add the products you prefer, especially if they are trending. Reliable dropshipping suppliers listed on SaleHoo have a wide range of styles and variants of sunglasses which are well-known and proven to be trending and popular.

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Who Are the Main Distributors of Sunglasses?


At SaleHoo you can find the main, biggest, and most trustworthy droshipping supplier in the niche for sunglasses. And not only sunglasses, but you can also find accompanying products like cases wipes, additional frames, and more.

Distributors will provide you with the whole range of their products, along with types and variants, including for the color of the frames and glasses, as well as the variants of materials used. With such distributors, you can find the current top trending sunglasses types.

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How Can I Start Droppshipping Sunglasses Online?

Along with a list of reliable suppliers provided in a directory like SaleHoo, you will need an optimized store and to do a little bit of market research to understand your competition.

  • Step 1 – Open Shopify Store

Set up your store in a couple of easy steps. With the user-friendly platform of Shopify, you can open your store, launch, and start selling all in the same day. Once you’ve figured out your niche and the products you want for your store, it’s just a matter of importing them to your store, customizing the theme, and optimizing product pages.

  • Step 2 – Spy Competitors

A little bit of market research can be of huge importance for your dropshipping business, especially in a highly competitive niche like sunglasses. Use Product Pro to discover what products do your competitors prefer to add to their product lists. In addition, apply the Niche Scraper tool to learn which are their best-selling products.

Call it spying, if you will, but this is the path to gaining a competitive advantage and sparing yourself huge amounts of time fruitlessly researching. Especially if you don’t know how to carry out market research.

Choose a Reliable Supplier & Winning Products

Sunglasses that are trendy, with good quality, and will sell regardless of the season can be found only from reliable suppliers. Your dropshipping suppliers will also handle shipping and returns so you need to make sure they can be counted on.

Establishing a business relationship with suppliers from the SaleHoo directory is your first step to securing your business, as the featured entries are all vetted and certified. Yet, if you think there might be a more fitting choice for you, we’ve provided you with our own market research on dropshipping directories. So that you can begin dropshipping sunglasses with confidence.


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