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November 2022

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Why Sell Shoes Online?

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The shoe market is a billion dollar industry, and it is no surprise that people want to sell shoes online. Despite its challenges and difficulties, this is a niche that can yield solid profits. And even though you don’t buy shoes every day, you still need them for various occasions and season.

The challenges are quite similar to those faced by entrepreneurs who intend to sell clothes online. But the variety of products you can offer on your store is virtually limitless. Sports shoes, seasonal shoes, rubber boots, lots and lots of narrow niche markets you can position yourself into. As long as you have the best products to offer, you will not have problems selling shoes online.

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Why Dropship Shoes Online?

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Dropshipping shoes is a safer way to start your business. If you want to sell shoes online, first dropship them. With a directory like SaleHoo to help you, you will be able to find trending products. And establish fruitful partnerships with suppliers.

Dropshipping shoes will allow you to test the waters, see how people react to market trends when it comes to shoes, and whether you’re in on the trends, as well. You bear no risks, as you don’t stock up on inventory. And you can easily test out seasonality changes in trends and shopping patterns.

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Who Are the Main Distributors of Shoes?


Dropshipping shoes allows you to add and remove models that don’t sell, to remove suppliers that fail to deliver quality and can’t properly handle returns for you. In a market that relies heavily on sizes and differences in sizes, you need to make sure your suppliers are the right partners for you.

You can discover reliable partners with the help of dropshipping directories like SaleHoo. There, you can find low-cost suppliers of quality shoes which are used by many other dropshippers. And even though the competition is fierce, with the right combination of products and reliable suppliers, you will gain an edge over the competition.

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How Can I Start Droppshipping Shoes Online?

Get started with the basics and grow your business steadily.

  • Step 1 – Open Shopify Store

With the highly customizable features of the Shopify platform, you can set up a store that will attract and retain customers. You can rest assured that this the most user-friendly builder you can choose, despite the big choice. It takes a couple of hours to set up everything even if you don’t have skills or knowledge of web design.

  • Step 2 – Spy Competitors

Don’t worry, this does not propose something illegal. There are tools, apart from directories like SaleHoo, that can help you do thorough market research. Product Pro, for example, will help you understand what products and suppliers your competitors prefer to add when it comes to dropshipping shoes. In addition, a solution like Niche Scraper will help you analyze the top selling shoes from your immediate competitors’ website. Arm yourself with those and you will be ready to take the dropshipping world by storm.

Choose a Reliable Supplier & Winning Products

The most important fact remains the discovery of reliable suppliers. Only they can be a source of winning products that will satisfy your clients. It doesn’t matter really if you’re going to sell shoes or clothes, or sunglasses online. If you don’t have the right suppliers, you won’t have good products to offer. Do not hesitate to empower yourself with a directory source like SaleHoo and list on your store products that sell.


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