Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Makeup

November 2022

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Why Sell Makeup Online?

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Beauty and lifestyle products have skyrocketed the popularity of the makeup industry, especially when it comes to e-commerce. Random people have become social media stars with their makeup tutorials, thousands of companies target influencers and social media stars to use and promote their products.

But just as when you sell clothes online, for example, don’t feature a single product, to sell makeup online means to sell all accompanying products like nails, eyelashes, and whatnot. No wonder these are part of the top trending products for 2022.

Find the Best Makeup Products to Sell Online

Why Dropship Makeup Online?

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Many people choose to dropship makeup because even though it doesn’t sound like that, this is a very broad category. The beauty industry is huge and there is a significant demand for beauty products. With the help of product-sourcing directories like SaleHoo, you get the opportunity to select the most popular ones from the most reliable vendors.

The best part is that you can experiment when you dropship makeup. Given you won’t be holding an inventory and you won’t be risking getting bulks of something you won’t be able to say, your future in selling makeup and beauty products online is bright.

Watch out for the trends and quickly add the products to your store. Or remove products that don’t yield profits, with just a couple of clicks.

Find Winning Beauty Products to Dropship

Who Are the Main Distributors of Makeup?


Competition in the beauty and makeup industries constantly increases. Big brands, traditional manufacturers, even celebrities have their own makeup and beauty line. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about lipstick, eye products, skin care or any other type of beauty products. Distributors must provide variety to stay afloat, and they have to constantly improve the quality of their products.

That doesn’t mean you won’t come across bad products of low quality. And when we talk about dropshipping makeup, this can be devastating for your business. Spare yourself all the headaches and the trouble and use a directory like SaleHoo.

Browse the Best Makeup Distributors

How Can I Start Droppshipping Makeup Online?

To dropship makeup, all you need is a store. And you can start selling immediately.

  • Step 1 – Open Shopify Store

Why Shopify? Because it is one of the best store-building platforms, one of the most user-friendly platforms. You can set up your store in minutes and optimize it the very same day. And if you already know what products you want there, just add them with the help of SaleHoo with a few clicks. And you’re ready to launch.

  • Step 2 – Spy Competitors

Like with any other niche, whether it’s to sell clothes or jewelry online or concerns the dropshipping of shoes or sunglasses, you need market research. Even if it’s a really small niche market or competition is not fierce, you cannot find your footing if you don’t make your research.

Use Product Pro to spy on competitors and understand their preference in offers and suppliers when listing makeup and beauty products to their stores. Apply Niche Scraper to see which are their top-selling products and most popular offers. Without market research, even SaleHoo and its certified suppliers can’t help you.

Choose a Reliable Supplier & Winning Products

The beauty industry provides a great way to start dropshipping makeup. Especially if you are interested in this type of products, you can launch an e-commerce business with a bright future. But if you fail to find the trending products and reliable suppliers to partner with, you will disappoint your clients and lose your time and investments.

Join an extensive directory with certified suppliers like SaleHoo and optimize your workflow for success!


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