Launching A T Shirt Printing Online Business


In the world of fashion, style and simplicity describe some of our clothing. We wear some casual clothes while others are quite formal. T-shirts fall among the simple yet beautiful clothing people like putting on.

They are simple wears that you’ll find in almost every wardrobe. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have found the increasing popularity of this type of apparel and are catching on in making some good profit out of it.

To launch a T-shirt printing online business is quite easy. The profitability is also encouraging. They offer universal appeal and are quite simple to apply any customization work on. They are cheap to source making it a suitable addition any store can take advantage of to grow their business.

Getting started with a t-shirt business should be an attractive one to entrepreneurs who are keen about adding more sales to their store. Can you start one right now? Yes, you can.

Starting a Tshirt Business Online

If you’re already thinking of starting your own T-shirt business online, you are on the right track. The reason is no other than the fact that starting a T-Shirt business is relatively easy to set up. In addition, T-Shirts are also cheap to source.

Starting a T-Shirt business online is not a hard one to implement. Choose a reliable e-commerce platform like Shopify and you’re set to go.

Regardless of whether you will dropship T-shirts online or sell your own models, when starting your T-shirt business, know that the field is competitive.

Many entrepreneurs are already making some good money from it. This doesn’t mean you can’t still make some money out of it. Just do something unique about your store, let it stand out from the rest.


It is crucial that you go with the right source. Source only high-quality products, build your brand image and design your T-Shirts in a unique way to attract customers.

If you’re just starting out with your e-commerce business and now seeing the task is a big one, you shouldn’t worry. The process is not as difficult as you think. The details are laid out in this article to help you get started with T-Shirt selling business online.

How to Start a TShirt Business

Want to start a T-shirt selling business online? Good to hear that! We will take you through all the steps you need to get that done right away.

To start your T-Shirt business requires you taking only a few steps. Go through these steps one after another and you’ll find the whole process easy to accomplish.


1. Discover your Niche

The first step to starting your T-Shirt business online is finding the right niche. The right niche will help you stand out from the crowd and be successful with your T-Shirt business. Keep in mind that the T-Shirt business is already competitive.

Distinguishing yourself with a niche will give you an edge to succeed with your business. If you’re able to find a niche that is truly unique in the quality of the product or a strong brand image, your chances are high to succeed. Make this the most important part of the whole process. Find a profitable niche.

A niche store is usually the recommendation. You should think of going in this direction. It is not always advisable to get into all the T-Shirts you come across. Pick a niche. Take some time to research the niche.

You can visit some established online stores to do your research adequately or use the help of product-sourcing directories and their market research like SaleHoo. Brainstorm on various T-Shirt ideas and select what people are interested in buying. It is not all that sells.

Check out other stores. See what they are selling that is doing well. Note down those things that appeal to you or catch your fancy. You can use NicheScraper or Product Pro to spy on your competition and find the best-selling products.

If you already have a niche in mind, you can focus your research in that area. Look more on new and rising markets that you can tap into. Markets with less competition are most times very easy to fit into and make some money out of. They are often cheaper as well. Don’t interpret this to mean you should go with what is not known to people, no.

2. Design your T-Shirt

The design ideas you have about your T-Shirt is very crucial to your success in running your online T-Shirt business. If you can come up with the best design that people are looking for, you’ve given your store a boost to continue to sell. Your T-Shirt quality is a strong foundation for the success of your store.

When you have a design that stands out, marketing it successfully won’t be difficult to achieve. With just a little effort, people will be dying to buy continuously from your store. Think outside the box, be creative.


Don’t stop trying different T-Shirt ideas relating to your brand or niche area. You’re looking to find only the best that will sell well on your store and your audience will appreciate.

Find suitable T-Shirt design ideas websites to help you with your designs. If you’re not proficient in designing them, there is nothing wrong with that. Find someone you know does it better and let them help. You may hire freelance designers as an alternative means of getting your designs done.

3. Validate the T-Shirt Designs

You’ve done a good job with your design. To you it is good but that may not be the case for everyone who sees it. You need validation from others. It may not all altogether be ready for printing contrary to what you have in mind. Some improvements may still be necessary to come out with the best design that your customers will appreciate.

You can take it to various channels for validation. Contact groups on social media and forums to take a look and provide their unbiased reviews. Professional consultants can also be of help to provide you with good feedback for your design. Make sure to have copyright protection on your design before taking it out for people to review. Use watermarks.

Discussion platforms like Reddit can be another good place to contact. Post the design on the related sub-Reddit platform. Let as many people as you can offer their feedback.

4. Source your T-Shirt Products

When all validation has passed through successfully, the next on your move should be where to source the T-Shirt from. Don’t compromise high-quality products for your store. That is what makes the difference for entrepreneurs who are successful with their business.

Remember that you are not just working to stay afloat but ahead of the competition, go for only the best source with high-quality T-Shirts for your store.

Get competitive with your T-Shirt choice. You can find high-quality products at a reasonable price. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive to be of high quality. Avoid bad quality T-Shirts that easily shrink after the first wash or stretches in a few weeks.


Don’t give people reasons to label your store a bad one. This will cause you to lose good customers. The better the quality of your stock, the better your store reputation and the more the sales that will keep rolling in and you’ll keep growing. Only the best product is good for your store, go for it.

5. Print your T-Shirt Design

The best print is what your store should go after. There are different printing choices available for printing on T-Shirts. Understanding the different types so you choose which is appropriate before deciding on setting up your online store is vital. This helps to make an informed decision for your printing choice. You are able also to choose the best printing method that will be cost effective for your business.

Here are Three Common Printing Options

Screen Printing

Designs that have a high level of vibrancy or are darker are better with screen printing. Screen printing uses stencils through which inks are applied on the T-Shirt. Screen printing is suitable for bulk printing works of five or fewer colors owing to the high labor required to set it up.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer works by placing an image on the heat transfer paper that is initially cut from the paper and placed on the T-Shirt to print on it. Compare the process to what you have when a pressing iron is heated to a very high temperature. The heat transfer paper actually melts into the clothing fibers to become part of the shirt without altering the high image of the design.


Direct-to-garment printing method applies ink directly on the T-Shirt via an inject printer. By using a distinct water-based ink, the T-Shirt designs are then downloaded to a computer. Using a specialist printer, the designs are directly transferred onto the physical shirt.

Compared to other printing methods, direct-to-garment is the cheapest printing option you can have because of its little to no cost for its set up. The downside to this method is the time it takes to print on each T-Shirt. This printing option is best when your printing is a small quantity.

6. Choose your T-Shirt business model

There are different business models you can adopt for your T-Shirt business. You can sell directly from your store or go with a dropshipping business model. The dropshipping business model may be your best bet if the cost of local printing is not within your reach. Decide on which is cost effective for you and start selling your T-Shirts.

Making your Design and Sell T-shirts Online

Besides the option of dropshipping and selling your T-Shirts on your store, having a store on Etsy or selling T-shirts using Merch by Amazon can be other options for your sales. These are two big ecommerce platforms with a high level of traffic daily.

Merch by Amazon provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to start selling branded items from a product page on Amazon.

Why won’t many entrepreneurs take advantage of selling T-Shirts online since T-shirts are highly profitable and require very little work?

Here is how to get started with selling T-Shirts in 2019

1. Apply for Merch by Amazon

It takes some time to get approved for Merch these days. The first thing is to apply early. The requirement for account opening is not clear.

The general rule is that you have a business. Let your application give that impression. Don’t expect to get approved immediately. It may take weeks if not months sometimes.


2. Set Up your Printing Account and Etsy Store

Set up your Etsy store with no omissions or blank pages; fill out everything that needs to be filled. Set up a Printful store and go ahead to integrate it with Etsy. This should take you less time to carry out.

3. Research what People are Searching for Online

Take your time to do this. It is worth all the time because this is what you’ll be selling later on. Go over to Etsy or Amazon. Use the search bar thoroughly.

Etsy is a good channel to take your search to. It will instantly show you the trending searches. The autocomplete feature is a good resource to let you know what people are searching often to buy. Amazon bestsellers are peculiar to the platform. It can also help.


4. Design your T-Shirt

There are different approaches to getting your design done. We’ve looked at some of them earlier. If you’re good at designs, you can use Adobe Illustrator or the Merch Designer option to get your design out for printing. A good font is loved by customers. Make sure to take advantage of this.

5. Fill in the Listing

This is where you put your design out before everyone to see. It is just as important if not the most important aspect of the business.

How will people buy when you don’t list? Use related keywords and give a good description of your shirt during listing. Make sure to optimize your listing. Use bold and high-quality images for your product. Write good descriptions by inserting the right keywords in the midst.

Once the listing is done, go ahead and publish your designs and wait for that first, second and many more orders to start coming in.