Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Jewelry

November 2022

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Why Sell Jewelry Online?


Selling jewelry online is a billion dollar industry, and it is no surprise everyone wants to join the fun and get a piece of the pie. For that reason, this niche is extremely worth entering. But this also means the competition is savage. Whether you will aim to sell luxury jewelry online or simple trinkets, you have a huge choice of products.

There is a wide selection of products you can choose to focus on. Jewelry doesn’t really end with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Watches, cufflinks, brooches are also considered jewelry. You can specialize in precious metals or beads, charm bracelets, and so much more.

The thing is, it is easy to get confused, as there is a huge amount of manufacturers and suppliers of contemporary, trendy or classic jewelry. To find the latest hits and the most reliable suppliers, you will need a trustworthy directory like SaleHoo on your side.

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Why Dropship Jewelry Online?

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Jewelry is a niche that works as a compliment to many other niche markets. Even if you decide to dropship clothes, it is still a good idea to add jewelry to your product list. They are a great related product you can push to customers.

To sell jewelry online can be not just profitable but also pleasant. The industry is more than huge, and if you decide to join the jewelry dropshippers, you can freely experiment with types of jewelry. Including if you want to sell a watch online instead of a ring, you can add that product category to your product list.

And if you have the right partner to find your products and suppliers, a directory like SaleHoo for example, you can add and remove products depending on their performance and adjust your product list.

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Who Are the Main Distributors of Jewelry?


You can find the leading dropship suppliers of jewelry, or practically any other product category out there, in supplier directories like SaleHoo. Such directories are so extensive, you can find jewelry items from the whole spectrum of the category.

Thousands of jewelry items – from trinkets to luxurious items, from plastic beads to precious metals, all are available in extensive lists like the one of the SaleHoo directory. You can filter by product type or by supplier characteristics, but one thing is for certain. You will definitely find the products that you want to dropship.

Browse 1000s of Top Jewelry Dropship Suppliers

How Can I Start Droppshipping Jewelry Online?

To join the community of jewelry dropshippers is quite simple.

  • Step 1 – Open Shopify Store

If you want to dropship jewelry, you need to have a store to operate from. You could start dropshipping on eBay, but there are more disadvantageous limitations than having your own website. Don’t worry, you don’t need technical knowledge or coding knowledge to set up your store. Once you build it, just fill it with the top trending products you’ve chosen for it and launch.

  • Step 2 – Spy Competitors

Do you want to spend less time researching products? You can reinforce the use of supplier directories like SaleHoo with tools like ProductPro and Niche Scraper. Such solutions can be easily utilized to help you see which are the best selling products of your immediate competitors. This can guide you on how to structure your product list and what to add, based on popularity.

Choose a Reliable Supplier & Winning Products

Adding winning products, especially when you want to dropship jewelry, will make the difference for your store. Even though dropshipping allows you to remove products that under-perform, and you don’t pay to buy an inventory of them, not being able to choose winning products can cost you a lot of time and frustration.

So don’t hesitate to use the power of extensive dropship suppliers like SaleHoo, especially when you can find low-cost suppliers with quality products.


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