Inventory Source Review


Company Name Inventory Source
Product Range1.6 Billion+
Suppliers180+ Global suppliers
FREE Directory Access
US Direct Offering
Order Automation

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The Inventory Source network is an exciting stop to find your new products to dropship. But it doesn’t simply give you access to a directory of suppliers. It comes packed with automation features to enhance your working process.

It’s understandable you’ll be looking for Inventory Sources reviews. We don’t aim to get next to all other reviewers, we are here to provide you with authentic, up-to-date information and insights so that you can make an informed decision when signing up. Read further to see what you get by signing up for the solution.

What is Inventory Source?

To put it simply, this is product integration software with automation capabilities. What plan you’re going to use, depends on your goals. But in general, it has been developed to optimize your workflow and help you discover the best products for your niche out of a list of thousands of low-cost offers.

By signing up, you gain access to a FREE dropshippers list with more than 180 suppliers across top dropship niches. Even if you’re aiming to create a niche store, you can find some unique and trending products out of the network’s list.


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The best part is that you can automate your sales channels and integrate products virtually on any platform builder you choose for your store. Whether you’ll use Inventory Source with Shopify or BigCommerce, it is a matter of preference.

In addition, you might be keen on starting dropshipping to a marketplace like Amazon or eBay. Inventory Source can be used for these purposes too.

Is Inventory Source Legit & Safe to Use?

Given the nature of the industry, commerce laws oblige supplier directories to follow rules and stay authentic. If you’re worried Inventory Source might be a scam, don’t be.

You are not required to pay to access the directory. Fees are charged only if you want to use the integration and automation features of the solution. It is safe to say you risk next to nothing when signing up for the Inventory Source network.

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As their customer, you gain access not only to a huge list of carefully curated dropship suppliers. They have compiled a list of the best you can turn to in different categories. And you can also sign up for the so-called US Direct – here you can find US-based suppliers to cut on shipping time.


Learn more about the dropshippers list!

What Users Say about Inventory Source?

The experience shared by users of the solutions is quite positive. We have found case studies, stories, and insightful feedback that can help anyone get started with the software. If you think this is the solution for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to community members for insights and know-how.

We are quite satisfied, as well, with what we discovered about the solution and all it can offer to users. Our advice is to leverage the free access to the best of your abilities before paying for a subscription. That way, you will be aware of whether it can deliver on integrating the most suitable products for your store.


How Does Inventory Source Work?

To simply use the dropshippers list, you need only a free account with them. You can filter the suppliers using the Inventory Source dashboard and manually fill your store with the products you desire. Or you can simply gather ideas of what to sell.

It has an easy to use and navigate interface that will enable you to filter products quickly and efficiently. You can filter by:

  • Product Catalog;
  • Available Automation;
  • Location;
  • Where it Ships to;
  • Supplier Type;
  • Product Category.

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You will be able to extract full product data and supplier information through the directory.

inventory source directory

Browse for the products you need for free!

If you decide that the solution is right for you, simply get one of the two plans available.

  • With Inventory Automation – upload products to your store, integrate them and sync inventories, automatically upload product data and get additional bulk feed management tools;
  • With Full Automation – get everything from Inventory Automation and more. Enjoy 1-click order processing. Track orders and enjoy automated pricing management. Acquire access to a special order management interface.

Which you choose depends on your needs as a dropshipping entrepreneur.

Who is Inventory Source for?

The solution can help both beginners and professionals optimize their working processes. It can spare you a lot of time researching markets, products, and pricing strategies thanks to its extensive product list, filters, and automation features.

If you can’t spare a lot of capital to use it, you can still leverage the free access to the directory to browse for product ideas and supplier information, in order to do everything manually afterward.

When Can I Start Selling with Inventory Source?

If you choose an automation plan, you can integrate the products and upload product information to your store in a matter of minutes. Meaning, you can start selling the moment your store is up and running.

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You’re probably asking yourself can you profit using the services. The common case study shows that you can. It depends only on how you market your store. Because the products themselves are proven to be of quality.

Inventory Source US Direct

With the US Direct plan, you can gain access to more than 200,000 dropship products coming from quality US suppliers. If you’re aiming to provide quick deliveries for your customers, then you can make use of this great add-on feature to your Inventory Source solution.

          ➤ Keep in Mind
          To gain access to US Direct and connect directly to US suppliers, you need to have a Full Automation Plan purchased from Inventory Source.

Inventory Source Pricing

You can start using the directory and its automation features and capabilities in three ways:

  • Free Account – full free access to the directory of suppliers, though without integration or automation;
  • Inventory Automation – choose a plan from $50, $125 or $299 per month, depending on your needs.
  • Full Automation – basic, plus or VIP plan for respectively $150, $225 or $499 per month.


Choose your plan and start selling today!

Can I Cancel my Subscription?

You can stop using Inventory Source at any given moment, just inform the support so that you’re not billed again.

In terms of refunds, if you want your money back, you should file a formal request for a refund with their team. They don’t have a money-back guarantee set in place due to the free lifetime access you can gain. But if you have any problems or complaints, address the support. They review each case individually.

Inventory Source Help & Resources

The network is known for the extensive and timely support they can give you. They even have an entirely separate section dedicated to support and education. You can access the full spectrum of materials and polish your skills, finding the best ways to use the solution itself.

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Learn all there is to know about dropshipping!

Pros & Cons of Inventory Source


✔ Free access to the dropshippers list;

✔ More than 200,000 products dropshipped from the US;

✔ Constant & reliable customer support;

✔ Extensive training center & additional help;

✔ Top quality automation services, and more.


✗ Accessing US Direct might require payment;

✗ No Money Back Guarantee

Inventory Source Alternatives

It is only natural to desire a solution that will meet all of your needs. If you don’t think that is this versatile tool, then we’re most certain you will find something after your tastes in the Inventory Source competitors we’ve listed.

1. SaleHoo

Indeed the most sought-after product-sourcing and automation tool out there. And there are quite a few reasons for it to be a leader in the industry.

salehoo affiliate

Cost: $67 per year

Why is SaleHoo a Good Alternative?

SaleHoo beats Inventory Source with the simple fact it offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. But that is to be expected since it doesn’t provide free access to utilizing its directory. For the significantly lower price, compared to most solutions, you will get high-quality services.

The only actual pressure comes from the fact that you have to decide within 60 days whether you’ll be using it or not.

For more insightful information, read our full SaleHoo review here!

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2. Spocket

Spocket is one of the new kids on the block, its creators – growing along with the expanding e-commerce industry.


Cost: FREE basic plan

Why is Spocket a Good Alternative?

Compared to Inventory Source, Spocket also gives you free access to its resources with its Basic plan, as limited as it might be. You also don’t need to pay additional fees or get the priciest plan. Spocket is a directory dedicated to listing US and EU suppliers.

If you want to learn more about this automation tool, read our full Spocket review!

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3. Wholesale2B

If you pit Inventory Source vs Wholesale2B, there will be very few differences between the two, if we are to be honest.


Cost: FREE Account, no credit card required

Why is Wholesale2B a Good Alternative?

The main reason to consider Wholesale2B as a main alternative to Inventory Source is the compatibility features. Wholesale2B can be integrated with multiple platforms as well and used for multiple purposes. And even though they might be less than those of Inventory Source, they do not require a certain plan upgrade, as they have specific plans for all purposes.

To learn more about how to leverage this tool, read our full Wholesale2B review here!

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Inventory Source Dropship Review Conclusion

If you’re seeking a tool that can be integrated with various platforms so that you have the freedom to choose your store builder, you should definitely give Inventory Source a thought. It connects you to more than 180 verified quality suppliers in top-trending niche markets.

Make use of the free directory access to browse and look around. And if you like what you see, make yourself a favor and automate most of your operational processes.


Company Name Inventory Source
Product Range1.6 Billion+
Suppliers180+ Global suppliers
FREE Directory Access
US Direct Offering
Order Automation

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