Everything To Know About ePacket Delivery


All eyes are on the Asian end when it comes to e-commerce and very affordable products. China and Hong Kong lead the pack. With high-quality products that are affordable in this market, an efficient shipping system has always been the problem many dropshippers and importers have to grapple with.

It is frustrating to wait as long as a month to have a customer’s goods delivered to them. This was the case during the China EMS domination period. It’s surely not good for business and takes confidence away from the dropshipper. The fear of losing a loyal customer is often the case and when you don’t have things under your control, it doesn’t help performance and efficiency.

Considering a faster option then comes with a high cost and not many are able to afford such shipment charges offered the big players like DHL.

Thankfully, dropshippers and online buyers aiming at China and Hong Kong have a reason to smile now. The introduction of ePacket delivery changes the whole story on late delivery that has plagued the dropshipping business. If you dropship using AliExpress and the likes, this should be good news for you.

If you’re beginning your dropshipping business very soon, if you already know what to sell online, you should consider ePacket delivery for your shipment. Exploring this article will expose you to the regulations guiding ePacket delivery, your benefits with the package delivery system and how you can track ePacket delivery after your orders have been shipped.

What is ePacket Shipping?

ePacket shipping service is an agreement between the United States and China/Hong Kong postal services to enhance trade between the countries. The ePacket delivery allows residents to send and receive items between the Asian countries and the US.

The union which was started in 2011 became vital to add better options to Hong Kong wholesalers who are eligible for postal deliveries to reach their customers in the US.

The shipping system not only helps merchants stand out in the competition but also gives them peace of mind by providing tracking for the United States-located customers.

The package on arrival is given a USPS First-Class Mail service with confirmation of delivery inclusive.


For the success recorded with the ePacket delivery system, the expansion has been tremendous with many countries of the world taking advantage.

Want to get started with the ePacket delivery service? Get to know more about post regulations and post registers via the ePacket service to learn the ropes on the operation of the delivery service. For the dropshippers out there and sellers on eBay, you can leverage on the affordability of the service to increase your profit margin. It is cheap and most of the times comes free.

The EMS ePacket option, for example, is a good one if you’re about setting your feet in the e-commerce business or as a dropshipper. You have the benefits in various mailing services when using the service. This includes Low-cost Global Mailing and China Post Tracking Priority Mail.

The Benefits of the ePacket Service

Made with e-commerce in mind, ePacket offers the user a lot of benefits. If you’re shipping from China or Hong Kong and uses the ePacket shipping option, here the benefits you’ll enjoy.

1. It’s fast

If customers look out for anything before they buy from you, it is your delivery time. The ePacket service has this well taken care of. In contrast to what holds in the past about shipping goods from China, ePacket delivery is faster. You are sure to have your shipment reach the customer between 10 to 20 days.

2. End-to-end ePacket Tracking

Without paying extra fees, ePacket delivery provides door-to-door tracking for your shipment from China. Knowing where your package currently is after shipment will no longer be a problem with this feature in place to take care of things. Official sites like USPS and EMS provides the ground for users to track their orders.


3. Cheaper

Generally, the choice of ePacket delivery has something to do with affordability.

With ePacket, cheaper delivery options are available. You can take advantage of this to your benefit. This provision affords you to be able to price your shipments to your own advantage.

4. You Need Not to Worry About Duties

Customs, taxes, duties and related charges that are country-dependent are paid for by the recipient of the order. Since the ePacket delivery needs to pass through normal customs clearance, customers will be required to pay any fees so charged.

5. Free Returns on Items that are not Delivered

Without you needing to incur additional charges for returns, ePacket delivery protects you. You should have no fear of who bears the cost of returns. It is free. This is a good one that boosts the relationship between customers and merchant. The merchant can afford to provide refunds on packages that failed to be delivered without being charged by the delivery system.


ePacket Delivery Limitations and Restrictions

ePacket has its rules and regulations. Take some time to know what applies before using the delivery system. According to information provided by USPS, you need to meet some requirements for your package to qualify for ePacket delivery service. Let’s take a look at these vital issues.

Value of the product

If you’re thinking of buying a product worth over $400 and shipping via the ePacket service, the fact is, your package won’t qualify. The value of the product allowed to be shipped through ePacket mustn’t cost more than $400. Have this at the back of your mind when you’re placing your orders and want them shipped via ePacket.

Shipment to member countries only

Not all countries in the world are into the ePacket delivery service. Packages on ePacket delivery can only be shipped from Hong Kong or China to only eligible countries for the service. Find the list of the eligible countries to see what holds for your location.


Weight limitation is another requirement to fulfill when using ePacket delivery. The maximum allowed weight for ePacket delivery is 2kg or 4.4 pounds. The filler material, the weight of the item, packaging material, and the shipping box are all included in this total. Israel as a nation is the only exemption to the rule. You can have up to 3kg or 6.6 pounds if your shipment is going that way.


Package size

The requirement for regular packet size mustn’t have a length smaller than 14cm and width lower than 11cm. If a packet is rolled up, the minimum length should be 11cm. In addition, two times the diameter and the length should be above 17cm. If you have a smaller package to this, this is no problem. With a larger box for your packaging instead, you can add in some fillers to make it up.

Sixty centimeters is the maximum limit for the longest side of a regular package. Also, the addition of the width, length, and height shouldn’t be higher than 90cm. Also, two times the diameter with the length shouldn’t exceed 104cm.

How Does ePacket Tracking Works?

You can track your ePacket delivery from China. This is a great addition and one part that customers definitely love to access. ePacket comes with a postage tracking number to help track how far your products have moved.

You surely need the tracking information to keep your customers at rest on where things stand. Tracking information also gives protection to customers. They can see truly that their orders have been fulfilled.

A scam is what people want to avoid online, and the only way you can show your loyal customers you’re a legit merchant is that their items are on the way and should reach them in a specified time frame.

As a dropshipper, you should get the ePacket tracking code from your supplier. Don’t forget to ask for it.

If you’re dropshipping or buying from AliExpress know that you can’t track directly from the AliExpress website. You must use any of USPS or ePacket China Post. You can also use sites such as 17track.net. They all work effectively to help your tracking.


If you’re buying with your AliExpress account, you can find your ePacket code by clicking on My Order and you’ll find the Track ePacket.

It is important to let your customers know how long shipment will take from China. Go on the long side to be safe. Tell them the longest possible time. Have in mind that ePacket deliveries take between 7-30 days. It can be faster sometimes and sometimes this may not be. The fact that packages have been delivered within four days does not mean it will happen for everybody.

It is possible to find suppliers on the AliExpress store offering free ePacket shipment to customers. Click, “Ships From” section to find out which they are. It is not a free service though.

You should see it as a vital need to know how to keep track of your shipment. If you order from the US, the United States Postal Service network also provides confirmation of ePacket tracking and delivery to meet your tracking needs.


If you’ve set up your store with Shopify and you use Oberlo suppliers as a dropshipper, you’re in luck because they all use ePacket delivery services including the verified suppliers. You can rest assured your orders are coming through a good shipment method.

To track using the Oberlo app, go to Oberlo > My Orders. The tracking code is provided next to the fulfilled orders.

Subscribers to the Pro or Basic version of Oberlo for Shopify should be able to click on the product. You’ll find the shipment status immediately.

For Starter Plan users, manual tracking is what is applicable. Use the provided external website to do the tracking after getting the code.

Which Countries can Use ePacket Delivery?

Should the growth of ePacket delivery be considered geometric? Why not? The success in the United States has sparked a huge fire that is currently spreading fast internationally. Many countries are embracing the service and the list is still growing.

As of 2017, the following countries make up the list of ePacket eligible countries:


Are you planning to import from China or Hong Kong? Perhaps, your interest is in ecommerce and the dropshipping business model is your chosen path. ePacket delivery is there to complement your effort by meeting your shipping needs. Explore our ePacket delivery guide to lead you all the way.