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Company Name DropshipMe
Product Range50,000+
LocationsGlobal Suppliers
Integration1-click product import
Optimized product pages
Lifetime FREE Access

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DropshipMe is a name you have most certainly heard of if you’ve been serious about dealing with dropshipping. It is a product-sourcing tool that can help you discover reliable vendors for more than 50,000 trending products.

If you’ve read a good deal of DropshipMe reviews, you already know this solution is a plugin for WordPress, which might seem unfortunate if you prefer a different store builder.

But for all those who intend to use WordPress as their platform, it is definitely worth checking out. In fact, it is a specifically-built tool and is one of the best solutions for a store on this platform.

What is DropshipMe?

With the plugin, you will be able to eliminate guesswork and confusion when it comes to selecting your products. Its list might seem small, compared to some of its competitors. But these 50,000 products have been carefully selected, tried and tested before approval.

A team of marketers and dropshipping experts upgrade the list on a daily basis adding more products for you to chose from. It is the ideal place to start if you want a small enterprise, especially if we’re talking about a niche store.

Is DropshipMe Legit & Safe to Use?

This is a verified plugin for WordPress with tons of features and advantages. It has been developed by the same people who gave you the most exciting WordPress plugins for dropshipping optimization.

dropship-me-what is

Safely browse your next best-selling product!

The fact that you can use it for free if you aim to keep your enterprise small, s a clear sign that there are no significant risks involved. Yes, the free version gives only a limited amount of products you can import, but you can always remove and switch if something is not selling well.

What People are Saying about DropshipMe?

The overall opinion is that the plugin is a good solution to get started with dropshipping. People are extremely happy with the fact that they can receive an already optimized product page when integrating products, instead of wasting time editing the information themselves.


We also find the ability to start for free is a very generous offer. Most of you who start dropshipping usually lack the patience to research well. When you can test out tools like that, things can quickly get going.

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The one thing people find underwhelming about this tool is that the DropshipMe plugin can be used only with a store built on the WordPress platform. This significantly diminishes versatility, but if you’ve already chosen WP for your platform, there’s nothing to fret about.

How Does DropshipMe Work?

Let us mention again that what you get out of the plugin are trending products across all categories that have optimized names, pictures, and descriptions for their product pages. 1-click imports allow you to integrate these products into your store’s list.

You won’t have to waste time polishing how your products look to almost no avail due to lack of experience. Everything is pre-made. Of course, you can still make the changes you’d like, but you don’t need to.

Not only that, there are several things you can benefit from when using the DropshipMe plugin. First, you have price suggestions estimated by the team of experts. These clearly show the markup you need to realize a profit and how high you can go before customers become price-sensitive with your products.


Browse 1000s of trending and profitable products!

To add to that, you can also view product analyses for each product. This will give you an idea of how the product is selling, how many dropshippers find it good and have added it to their stores.

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This is a good insight into the market. It is a clear indication if a product is currently trending or not, and if it’s worth adding it to your store’s list. Use that powerful tool to make the best out of your free access to the plugin, despite the couple of limitations there are.


Who is DropshipMe Suitable for?

If you’re just starting out with dropshipping or you’re a dropshipper with limited capital ability, this plugin is a good solution for you.

You can create a small store with a limited list of quality products to get yourself started, to get yourself a taste of the industry while sparing yourself the time of editing the products you add.

Can I Start Selling Immediately?

Yes, as long as your store is running smoothly and ready to be launched, you can start selling immediately. You don’t simply import products with 1 click, these products are optimized, so you won’t be busy with that.

But what if your store is not ready? And you think that will take a lot of time to set up? DropshipMe has a solution for that as well.

DropshipMe Dropshipping Store Builder

If you don’t know where to start with setting up your store, you can simply purchase one to get made for you. Store development and maintenance are offered at a reasonable price. The store will come with integrated products that are in high-demand for your preferred niche.


You can choose one of three plans if you need to get your store built for yourself. The prices vary between the plans, depending on the features you need and require, and the number of products you want to be integrated into your store upon creating.


Browse store plans if you need a store for yourself!

By getting your store made for you, you can start the moment you receive it from the team of DropshipMe. The payments are one-time and there are no recurring fees, apart from renewing hosting if you’re going to use their service.

DropshipMe Prices & Free Access

The free access offered is not a DropshipMe demo, don’t get the two confused. You don’t need to upgrade to a paid plan if you find the free capabilities enough. The difference between the plans is in the number of optimized products you can integrate with your store.

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Here are the subscription plans and their features:

  • Free – free lifetime access, allows you to integrate up to 50 trending products with optimized product pages, descriptions, and photos;
  • $29 one-time payment – acquire lifetime access and the ability to import 100 optimized products +10 products as a bonus;
  • $119 one-time payment – get lifetime access and import 500 optimized products to your list, and gain 200 bonus products to choose from;
  • $199 one-time payment – lifetime access and 1,000 optimized products, along with 500 more products as a bonus.

There are no additional fees and support is constant.


Choose the plan that fits your business model!

Can I Cancel My Account?

You can stop using the services of the tool and integrate DropshipMe products to your store at any given moment. Keep in mind, though, there are no refunds for two reasons:

  • there’s free lifetime access to the plugin;
  • plans require only a one-time payment for lifetime access, as well.

But if you no longer want to use the services, simply remove the DropshipMe plugin from your store, and that’s it.

DropshipMe Support & Resources

You can rely on a strong and helpful customer support service all of the time. So far, the team of the plugin has a perfect record of resolving issues and inquiries from their clients. They are there to assist you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them.


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You can also leverage the huge help center they provide for the customers. You can access the resources for free. By becoming better at understanding the plugin and the nature of dropshipping, you will become better at what you’re doing.

And this leads to better profits.

Pros & Cons of DropshipMe


✔ Free lifetime access;

✔ One-time payment for upgraded plans;

✔ No additional fees, recurring charges or hidden taxes;

✔ More than 50,000 optimized products with polished product pages;

✔ High-quality product images;

✔ Real customer reviews.

✔ Constant and reliable customer support.

Expand your knowledge base and polish your skills!


✗ Available only for WordPress.

DropshipMe Alternatives

Being limited to using a tool on a single specific store platform is not a nice feeling, we know that. And if you don’t think the DropshipMe plugin can help you achieve your goals or you prefer to open your store with Shopify instead of WordPress, here are some great alternatives. We are certain you’ll find the right one for you among them.

1. SaleHoo

Offering both full direct access to the directory and a Money-Back Guarantee, SaleHoo has definitely managed to stay on top of the competition for the last few years.

salehoo affiliate

Cost: $67 per year

Why is SaleHoo a Good Alternative?

Whit the solution you get access to high-quality products from low-cost suppliers to enrich your products list. You will also acquire reliability and full access for a one-time fee, which can be a great advantage. And users of SaleHoo are not limited to using WordPress specifically for their store.

All there is to know about it, read in our SaleHoo review!

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2. Spocket

Another great DropshipMe alternative that can also grant you lifetime free access if what you’re aiming for is a smaller enterprise.


Cost: FREE basic plan

Why is Spocket a Good Alternative?

Apart from being able to use it on different platforms and similar free access, the main advantage of Spocket is that this is a list of EU and US-based suppliers. Cut down on shipping times and provide your customers with bigger satisfaction with your service. They will most certainly return.

Get more insights about the tool in our full Spocket review here!

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3. Wholesale2B

This alternative can be used with different platforms and you’re not limited to one. Even more so, you can use a platform-specific app that will best answer to your requirements.


Cost: FREE Account, no credit card required

Why is Wholesale2B a Good Alternative?

You can also access the directory for free, there is no requirement for payment details when signing up. But if you want to be able to integrate products, no just browse them, you will have to purchase the app you need.

Learn everything about how to get the best out of the tool in our Wholesale2B review!

Visit Wholesale2B Website

DropshipMe Review Conclusion

If you’re not picky about the platform you’re going to build your store on or you would like to get both a store made for you and a product sourcing tool, then you should consider the DropshipMe plugin.

Acquire lifetime access to one of the best directories operating in the industry and start turning visitors into clients. The tool helps you spend less time optimizing products and more time growing your business and profits.


Company Name DropshipMe
Product Range50,000+
LocationsGlobal Suppliers
Integration1-click product import
Optimized product pages
Lifetime FREE Access

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