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Company Name Dropified
Product Range50,000+
SuppliersUS, Global
FREE Trial
Integration1-click product import
Order Automation

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If you’ve come across this Dropified review, you are most certainly battling one of the worst problems dropshippers face – finding the right suppliers and partners.

As an aspiring dropshipper, you must have come across comparison reviews that pit together Dropified vs Oberlo or try to measure its reliability in comparison to solutions made specifically for the WordPress platform, much like WooCommerce.

But the question that objectively concerns us all is can Dropified help me make money. And in this review, we’ll try to examine just that.

What is Dropified?

The platform offers a one-point solution for all order processes and their automation. It is a large collection of products you can integrate with your store and sell. Their storage, packaging, and shipping are handled by the supplier.

Which the essence of dropshipping. And to gain all that, you simply need the Dropified extension added to your Chrome browser. You can source suppliers and products from multiple marketplaces.


Browse more than 10K US products for your store!

With Dropified, you also gain access to a list of US-based suppliers. Meaning you can dropship more than 10,000 products directly from the US, cutting down on shipping times.

Is Dropified Legit?

The Dropified app and extension grant you unlimited access to top quality products, vendors, and automation features. We’ve all heard the exaggerated claims that starting with dropshipping requires neither time nor money. That’s not exactly true.

But the solution cuts down on time and capital investments significantly. It makes it so that you can focus on improving and scaling your business, instead of product handling, shipping, and inventory management.

The tool has been tested time and again by thousands of dropshippers and has been confirmed to be a powerful solution for e-commerce optimization. If you need to improve your business operations, give it a thought.

What Others Say About Dropified?

Ever since it was created in 2015, before it ever got re-branded from Shopified to Dropified, the app has proven itself time and again how useful it can be. It has been improved and enhanced multiple times over the years.

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We ourselves are witnesses of how a simple list tool turned into an automation solution for users’ benefit. And this has been its greatest breakthrough. Thousands are using it as we speak, thousands join it at this very moment.

And they all share one common thing – their satisfaction with the capabilities of the app.

dropified feedback

Join 1000s of Happy Customers & Start Selling Immediately

How Does Dropified Work?

This is a 1-click product importing solution that automates every process after an order has been made on your store.

With the Dropified extension, you can immediately see which products offer ePacket delivery, faster shipping times, you can consider the quality of the vendors and their products.

And import them to your store with a single click. You can customize each product immediately or afterward, no wasting of precious time.

With the app, you can make use of one unified dashboard to manage your store and initiate automated order fulfillment. So that you never pay a Virtual Assistant another cent, ever again!

          Dropified Filters
          Filter through millions of products from one place – your Dropified Dashboard, simply by adjusting the available filters.

Who is Dropified for?

The app can improve the business of both novices and professionals. If you don’t have money to spare, you can consider choosing the monthly payment plans instead of those billed annually. Keep in mind that there’s a slight difference in the prices.

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Joining the drop shipping industry is a challenge only if you lack the proper tools to automate your processes and optimize the workload. With Dropified, this is exactly what you’re going to achieve.

Is Dropified Safe?

Yes. We know paying for your e-commerce resources can be dangerous because of the many scam solutions out there. But Dropified is not a scam. They understand the risks we are taking as entrepreneurs.

That’s why they offer you the chance to use their solution for 14 days straight completely for free. This is your chance to spare some money and give it a try, to decide whether it’s your cup of tea or not.

You risk no funds, no investments, no time to see if this tool will work for you. From what we’ve come to know in our experience, if you are looking to grow your enterprise, Dropified will be a powerful partner.

Start your FREE trial today, profit tomorrow!

Can I Profit with Dropified?

Making money with e-commerce depends only on you and your determination to succeed. But tools like this one definitely enables you to do so.

With Dropified, you get integration and automation of trading processes, sparing you a lot of time you’d otherwise waste on fulfillment. In addition, you can also cut out that Virtual Assistant you probably need to fulfill your orders.

Everything happens with a single click. Fulfillment, including filling out the order details and recipient information are automatically filled. So that you can focus on turning profits instead of fulfilling orders.

How Fast Can I Start Selling with Dropified?

You can begin in a matter of minutes. The 1-click import and customization of products will have you ready to launch in no more than a day. This is a hassle-free process you will be able to enjoy.


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The unified Dashboard will help you manage everything that happens in your store in one place, so no running across tabs, feeling lost or confused. The user-friendly interface and method of operation are intuitive and you will get the hang of it immediately.

Dropified: Bundles of Features

What makes this app different from all other solutions for product-sourcing is the unlimited amount of additional features and capabilities that it offers:

  • Auto updates on price changes – suppliers often change their prices for various reasons; don’t miss that moment, your prices will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Auto updates on product stock – don’t get caught off guard when stocks run out.
  • Dynamic Facebook feeds – leverage social media with the help of Dropified’s product feeds.
  • Product customization & inventory sync – customize, import variants, add your current products to your Dropified list to automate fulfillment, find products with ePacket delivery.
  • Access US Product database – dropship from the States and minimize delivery times.
  • Order Fulfillment Features – save tons of time by automating this process with the available features.
  • Product Image Features – create appealing visual content for your product pages to increase sales.

Among others. This is the core package you get when joining Dropified. The Premier version adds some more to the deal, empowering you to become a professional e-commerce entrepreneur.


Check out the awesome & powerful features

How Much Does Dropified Cost?

You can choose between two plans:

  • Builder – for $39/month, billed annually, optimize and automate 1 store; with it, you will get all core bundles of features.
  • Premier – for $97/month, billed annually, optimize and automate up to 5 stores; get additional bundles of Dropified features and grow rapidly.


Learn more about plans and payment options

Because of the 14-day FREE trial, you can get to decide whether this solution is good for your business, there is no other refund policy in place.

Dropified Downgrades

We all make mistakes. And especially with dropshipping, we might be too quick to believe in our own abilities. Overestimate our ability to maintain an e-commerce business.

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That’s why you’ve been given the chance to downgrade your subscription to cut losses. We know that many of you would like to try and open multiple stores, positioning yourselves in various niche markets. If something goes wrong, and you no longer need the premier version to integrate Dropified with multiple stores, simply downgrade.

Can I Cancel my Dropified Account?

You can stop using the app and extension at any given moment. If you pay month-to-month, there are no refunds, as we mentioned, because of the 14-day free trial.

But if you pay for an annual subscription, and not month-to-month, in case you decide to discontinue your use of Dropified, the remaining funds will be refunded to you.

How to Get the Best Results with Dropified?

Use the best out of the free trial and leverage all the additional features and resources. This is a product-sourcing dropshipping app created to automate and optimize your work. Don’t waste time when there’s a solution that can do everything for you.

You take care of your brand, your name, and your company policy, to build trust with customers. Focus on marketing, while Dropified focuses on customer satisfaction and order fulfillment.

Dropified Support & Resources

Some have pointed out that the extensive collection of additional tools provided by Dropified could be overwhelming.

That’s why, don’t hesitate to ask for help, browse their blog, and dive into their extensive help center. There’s a ton of information provided for free for all Dropified visitors. Learn everything there is to know about dropshipping, even get a step-by-step guide to dropshipping with Dropified.

The team of the solution has provided you with an unlimited amount of resources, most free of charge. Don’t hesitate to use them. And don’t hesitate to turn to the customer service center for additional help. They will gladly respond.


Build yourself a dropshipping empire, 1 step at a time!

Pros & Cons of Dropified


✔ US-based suppliers

✔ ePacket product discovery

✔ One-click product import

✔ Order fulfillment automation

✔ Product & inventory sync

✔ Profitability & statistics dashboard

✔ Excellent customer support

✔ Extensive training materials


✗ Pricey for smaller enterprises

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Dropified Alternatives

If you’re still reading, that means you failed to recognize what you need in the characteristics of the Dropified app. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an alternative that will be after your taste and needs.

We are certain you can find one among the following alternatives.

1. Spocket

An amazing product directory you can start with for free. It gives you the chance to order samples and confirm the quality of the products. In addition, Spocket gives you access to suppliers based in the EU and US, meaning you won’t be dealing with long shipping times or huge costs.


Cost: FREE basic plan

Why is Spocket a Good Alternative?

This is one of the most user-friendly directories made. It has been created with the business owner in mind. It can help you increase customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

It is great for beginners, and especially those of you who want to start out slow, with a limited number, but quality products. You can make use of product discounts and generate bigger profits with bigger margins.

To learn more, simply read our Spocket review right here!

Visit Spocket Website

2. SaleHoo

If variety is what you’re looking for and you want to open a big store, consider going for SaleHoo. It is one of the most popular directories, with people sharing only positive experiences with it.

salehoo affiliate

Cost: $67 per year

Why is SaleHoo a Good Alternative?

You are ready to start a career in dropshipping but you don’t think you can find your way around the industry in just 14 days? No worries, SaleHoo offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you join and you don’t think it will be of use or you simply can’t seem to find your way around it, ask for a refund within 60 days. But we’re positive, this is a directory you’re going to enjoy.

Why? Read our full SaleHoo review for more insights and tips on getting started.

Visit SaleHoo Website

3. WorldWide Brands

Of course, what makes a directory great is variety. When speaking of variety, WorldWide Brands has no match.


Cost: $299 One-time payment

Why is WorldWide Brands a Good Alternative?

If you’re looking to start a niche store, this doesn’t mean you need a narrower variety of products. It means you need a broad enough list to narrow down to something really specific.

Although significantly more expensive, with this directory you get lifetime access to a huge list of millions of products and thousands of suppliers in every category. This is indeed the largest directory out there, with products certified for quality.

Read our full WorldWide Brands review to gain more insights.

Visit WorldWide Brands Website

Dropified Review: Overall Verdict

If you’re not simply looking for a product-sourcing solution and a way to import products from reliable vendors with ease, Dropified is your go-to solution? Why? Simply because it also offers order fulfillment automation at more reasonable prices.

You don’t have to waste a ton of money to get your store running or to optimize your workflow. You need a reliable partner. And our team has come to the conclusion that the Dropified extension is such an app.

It can be integrated with the most popular store-building platforms, it is easy to use, and offers a one-point of operation – a unified dashboard, along with statistics and reports. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial and get the best results of your store right from the start!


Company Name Dropified
Product Range50,000+
SuppliersUS, Global
FREE Trial
Integration1-click product import
Order Automation

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