Best Free T-Shirt Mockup Templates for Your Business

Finding the best t-shirt mockups can just be all that is required right now to get your t-shirt business up and running this season. Readily designed t-shirt mockups cost a very small investment making it a good one for beginners who are starting out on a budget.

Whatever your plan is, with the t-shirt mockups business, we are offering a list of t-shirt mockups for your use. You can get your hands on our list of free t-shirt mockups for your business t-shirt design use.

What Exactly Does T-Shirt Mockup Mean?

In the simplest terms, t-shirt mockups are plain t-shirts you can modify by adding your own design onto them. You’ll usually find t-shirt mockups in plain backgrounds. To have your t-shirt design, all you need do is to add your brand design directly on the mockup. The term PSD is the name of the designated Photoshop file just like you have а JPEG file for images.

Do You Need a T-Shirt Template?

There is every good reason why you need a mockup or a test t-shirt template. T-shirt templates help display your design on a model for your customers viewing. This most often helps when you want your customers to envision exactly what the t-shirt is like on a model, especially to help customers with their orders. They will see how it truly appears on a person when worn by the model.

Free PSD Mockups can be provided on your website for easy download by your customers who may need one during order placements.

Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD Provided by Mockup World

mockupworld macbook

You can find many free t-shirt mockup PDS files that you can choose from for your online store. Mockup World offers a lot of them. There are numerous options available for you to choose from. These can be any from a plain background, a statue modeling a t-shirt, male modeling a t-shirt and so many more.

Photoshop is the application you need to have for editing the design to meet your needs.

Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD Template Found on Pixel Buddha

pixelbuddha mockups

A visit to Pixel Buddha shows that you are permitted to download free lovely t-shirt mockups that also have women’s t-shirt mockups in five distinct colors. The zip file of the mockup template contains 5 different Photoshop files that designs can be added onto.

T-Shirt Mockup Template Free Download

Here, we examine t-shirt mockups you can freely download for use without paying a dime.

With the free t-shirt mockups, you need not wait for your artwork to be created with ink. Rather, you can through a digital means apply the design on the template to test the sizing, colors and the positioning using Adobe Photoshop.

Here are a few free t-shirt mockups options that designers often download for their work:







Other free to use t-shirt mockups include:

T-Shirt Mockup PSD Found on Graphic River

If you’re in search of paid t-shirt mockups, Graphic River offers you many different styles you can choose from. The average cost stands at $9. They present high-quality mockups with faces of the models clearly showing.

Some mockups have models working out at the gym. You will need Photoshop to add the design to the t-shirt. You won’t find it difficult to use the PSD files. You can drag the design into the graphics area conveniently.

T-Shirt Mockup to Get by PlaceIt

PlaceIt Homepage

PlaceIt boasts of more than 3700 t-shirt mockups in their collection including tank tops and hoodies mockups available on their website. You’ll find many of their t-shirt mockups with faces of the models. This can be used for your social media accounts.

They should also be useful for your marketing strategies. You can use a variety of models from their collection to represent different races and gender on your website. These mockup images are great for creating lifestyle images. If you’re looking to find an amazing t-shirt generator, PlaceIt is one way to go.

T-Shirt Mockup to Get from Print Aura

Print Aura’s mockup generator comprises of t-shirts from a variety of brands including recognizable names like American Apparel and Hanes. Using this mockup generator, you can choose between showing the model’s face or not.

Choose your preference under Mockup Set. You can decide to have a smiling model, alter the color of the t-shirt and select back or front view as you deem fit. Your design can be placed on the template t-shirt.

Mockup Generator Provided by Printful


Printful is a known name in mockup T-shirts and printing. The company’s mockup generator includes leggings, t-shirts, phone cases, beach towels, dresses, skirts, mugs and so on. They have an array of t-shirts in their collection including kids t-shirts, long-sleeves, crop tops, and many more.

Printful also features a variety of styles from well-known brands such as Bella plus Canvas, American Apparel, Next Level, Gildan, Augusta Sportswear, and Hanes. You are given the privilege to download your t-shirt design in different colors at a time.

T-Shirt Mockup PSD to Get from Creative Market

creativemarket freegoods

If your search is for a wide range of the finest in t-shirt mockups, Creative Market has many you can choose from. They present lifestyle images that your designs can fit into. You can go for plain or hanging t-shirt mockups if you so wish. It’s sure you’ll discover the best design that suits your plan because Creative Market has more than 10 pages of such images shot by different photographers as well.

Go for one that suits your customer base and as well meets with your brand needs. You can buy one of these mockup images on the average cost of $10 to $29. Get Photoshop installed on your computer if you haven’t already because you’ll need to carry out the editing work you want done.

T-Shirt Mockup PSD to Get from Envato

Envato has numerous pages of amazing t-shirt mockups for owners of t-shirt stores to make their selection from. You can have mockups of other various items including cups, hats, pumpkins, and beer bottles among others.

Other varieties you’ll find include t-shirt mockups with a model, sublimation t-shirt mockup templates, and hanging t-shirt mockups. To have access to the variety of t-shirt mockups on this platform, you’ll need to sign up for an account. If you want unlimited access, $29/month payments are required.

T-Shirt Templates Provided by Graphic Burger


It is great to know that Graphic Burger provides some lovely t-shirt templates on its website for you to use. Simply download and modify them. Their collections include hanging t-shirts, women’s t-shirts, and those of model t-shirts worn by models.

With Photoshop, you can modify and add your own designs likewise. The mockup templates on this website are free; some of the images can be paid for though.

T-Shirt PSD Templates to Get from Threadless

Threadless enables you to add your own designs to t-shirts for women and men hoodies, baseball tees, tank tops, crew sweatshirts and many more. With this platform, you can use Photoshop to produce your unique t-shirt mockup free of charge.

T-Shirt Mockup Templates to Get From Arsenal

There is a range of t-shirts templates by Arsenal for you to choose from. On average, an apparel template costs $37. You can buy women’s t-shirt mockups and mockups with models. You can choose from the variety of styles available on Arsenal designs.

T-Shirt Mockups Provided by Clothing Templates


For a cost of $14.99, you can buy many t-shirt mockups for your t-shirt printing needs. You can choose from men and women’s t-shirts or even tank tops. The complete bundle costs a $29.99 fee. The American Apparel mockup templates are available in every color.

Free T-Shirt Mockup Templates to Get From Deal Jumbo

Deal Jumbo gives entrepreneurs the privilege to download the company’s three t-shirt templates for both commercial and personal use. They are available in the colors of blue, yellow, and white. Use Photoshop and add your brand design to the template to get the right modification you need to be done.

T-Shirt Mockup PSD Template Provided by Zippy Pixels

With Zippy Pixels, you can make use of its t-shirt mockup freely. You can also access the $0.99 payment to use the graphics for commercial purposes. The t-shirt mockups include lying flat, folded and hanging t-shirts.

If offers PSD files which require you to have Photoshop to modify them and add your design. With commercial images, you’ll get 8 t-shirt mockups in solid red and white colors.

Free T-Shirt Mockups PSD Template Offered by Michael Hoss


On the Michael Hoss website, you have the chance to download a number of free t-shirt mockups. The website allows you to edit sleeve colors, garment colors, and tags among other possibilities.

The PSD file has Smart Object holders enabling you to place your design conveniently on the t-shirt. You need to use Photoshop here to help you modify your design effectively.

Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD template Offered by Graphic Twister

This designer offers a free t-shirt mockup that you are able to download and include your design in it. The t-shirt mockup has the back and the front side of the shirt. With the aid of the Smart Objects feature on the PSD files, your design can be easily added onto the t-shirt conveniently. To modify the t-shirt template, you should have Photoshop installed on your laptop or computer.

Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD found at WeGraphics

WeGraphics comes with free flat t-shirt mockups which display both the back and front sides of the t-shirt. You can freely modify the colors of their t-shirt mockups to your specific t-shirt design. By using Photoshop’s Smart Layers feature, you can conveniently add your design on the t-shirt.


Free Tank Top Mockup

If your focus is fitness tank tops, you can trust Google. They offer a free tank top mockup. This mockup can be adopted for both personal and commercial use. To do this, you’ll need to have a backlink to the site.

The Smart Layer feature on the PSD file offers the ability to add your graphics on the tank top. Photoshop is needed for the mockup template for you to carry out any modification.

Free T-Shirt Mockup Found on Deviant Art

Yet another great designer resource, Deviant Art provides a chance to find free t-shirt mockups. You can conveniently modify the colors of the design and add yours.

You can use it for free whether for commercial and personal purposes. To access the template of the t-shirt, you need to have Photoshop. This is also necessary to add your test design onto the mockup.

Free T-Shirt Mockup template PSD from ThisLooksGreat

ThisLooksGreat provides an opportunity for designers to use their mockup PSD download for free either for personal or commercial use. The PSD has the Smart Object feature included enabling you to conveniently add your own image to the file. To add your own design to the mockup, Photoshop application is a requirement.


Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD Template Offered by Behance

Behance also provides free t-shirt mockups so that business owners can download their free mockup PSD template. You are allowed to select the color to easily customize your t-shirt swiftly. Photoshop is required to add your own intended design to the mockup.

Free T-Shirt Mockup Provided by Design Bolts

Using Design Bolts, you’re permitted to download and equally use the free t-shirt mockup. Their premium mockup costs only $3. You ought to have Photoshop app installed on your system for your design and modifications.

Free T-Shirt Mockup Template Provided by Cotton Bureau

Interestingly, Cotton Bureau is a marketplace for crowdfunded t-shirts from reputable illustrators and designers. This t-shirt mockup has a wide collection of beautiful and high-quality templates. They also offer a variety of options to make your selection from. They also provide multicolored t-shirt mockups in diverse sizes for both women and children.

Are you planning on running a T-shirt store very soon? A great T-shirt mockup is absolutely what you need to make your work easier to create great designs that sell. Explore our comprehensive list of T-shirt templates and find one that meets your design needs appropriately.